Outplacement Done Your Way

An outplacement coach makes all the difference.



We Help You Conduct Flawless, Compassionate Layoffs & Minimize Risks to Your Brand

Employers offer outplacement to employees affected by involuntary separations. As laid off employees exit, emotions can run high. Leaving employees “high and dry” can tarnish your brand and ultimately, negatively impact your retention and hiring efforts. IMPACT Group understands the careful steps that must be taken when leading a staff reduction.

What’s the Business Rationale for Outplacement?

Investing in outplacement can transform former employees into brand ambassadors, reduce unemployment expenses, minimize legal risk and promote positive morale for the remaining workforce. Plus, you’ll leave the door open for redeployment. The benefits certainly outweigh the modest cost.

It’s No Secret: Our Outplacement Coaches Set Us Apart

We hire the best. We offer ongoing professional development and we continuously assess coach performance. And lastly, our leaders perpetuate a strong, consistent coaching culture. Simply said: Coaches only succeed at IMPACT Group when they have the same passion the rest of us have. We’re here to help people transform and transition.

HR Leaders Rely on IMPACT Group for Flawless Outplacement

The Danger of Low-Quality Outplacement

A “thin” outplacement service can make employees feel even worse about the separation. Employers that don’t offer high-quality outplacement coaching and services are likely to be subjected to various in-person and online rebuke. “After 10 years, this is how they treated me.” Such comments evoke powerful emotions and erode trust in your employer brand.

IMPACT Group offers a highly evolved program, giving employees an array of options for transitioning:




Consulting &
gig work



Offer the Best: 21st Century Job Search Services & 1:Me™ Experience

1:Me™ Personalization

With IMPACT Group, your employees receive individualized, 1:Me™ personalization across all channels of engagement. Our online platform, myIMPACT, delivers persona-driven content. And every coach delivers a personalized action program as they create a personal relationship with each client.

myIMPACT – a 1:Me™ Personalized Platform

myIMPACT is the industry’s most customized, resource-rich tech platform for career transitioners. The process is easy to manage from myIMPACT, which centralizes every resource a job seeker needs. Job seekers gain access to:

  • Personal branding tools & practical guidance for leveraging LinkedIn
  • Resume and cover letter samples by industry
  • Access to millions of job openings through Indeed
  • Curated content – videos and articles – on networking & career transition
It Isn’t Just About Resumes, It’s the Entire Brand

We do much more than craft resumes. We help shape someone’s personal brand! Our experts help job seekers showcase their strengths to create a compelling online profile. They’ll learn to leverage both in-person networking and social platforms such as LinkedIn to get the attention of hiring managers.

HR, We’re Your Talent Partner

From routine separations to large downsizings, IMPACT Group’s programs have you covered. We will quickly respond to your needs. Our staff can staff and support each of these processes:
Outplacement ProgramsHR TeamExiting Employee
Career Transition Coaching
Executive Transition Coaching
Strategic Planning
Manager Notification Training

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