Creating a Workforce Reduction Plan?

Start here. We’ll help you execute a workforce reduction plan both professionally and compassionately.

Workforce Reduction Plan

It’s important to lean into the experience of experts as you plan your workforce reduction.

We can help you anticipate the unexpected.

A solid workforce reduction plan helps you reduce risk and stress during a very difficult time.

We’ll help you think through various scenarios, including communications, manager training and how to help employees that remain. We’ll support you as you evaluate your company’s mission, future direction and business reasons for reducing your workforce.

This evaluation sets the foundation for your plan, including our communications. We will help you construct a plan to minimize risk and protect your employer brand.

With IMPACT Group’s assistance, your Workforce Reduction Plan will help you navigate change and move forward.


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Program Overview for a Workforce Reduction Plan

Move through the process of creating a workforce reduction plan with a strategic partner.

Workforce reductions don’t have to be debilitating. By developing a SMART and compassionate plan, you can empower your company and your people toward success. (Get a free guide here.)

Avoid potential problems or roadblocks before they start with upfront planning. From the moment IMPACT Group partners with you, we make sure we understand what’s most important to your company. Our strategic and thorough project management provides a seamless process to align with your goals and put your entire team at ease. Your company will receive support through the four phases of downsizing:


  1. Making the decision to reduce staff
  2. Preparing to downsize
  3. Actively downsizing
  4. Leading company recovery efforts
Workforce Reduction Plan


Employee changes on the horizon?
We’ll guide you through each stage of a layoff.

Results of Our Workforce Reduction Plan Program

A Positive Impact on Your Company

Our Strategic Planning experience and expertise will identify areas of concern and guide you to:

  • Create a plan. Develop a detailed and compassionate plan to make your reduction in force as smooth as possible.
  • Maintain morale and performance. Think through the ways layoffs affect your remaining staff to keep your company moving forward.
  • Support leadership. Empower leaders with the knowledge and support to navigate difficult conversations and embrace the new future for your company.
  • Prepare your HR team. Ensure your human resources team and managers are up-to-date on any relevant Federal and State regulations.

How It Works

  • Discussion and planning session with an experienced team of outplacement experts
  • Step-by-step development of strategic plan for exiting employees and your company as a whole
  • Detailed checklist for the four phases of downsizing


The myIMPACT platform incorporates best-in-class apps for job search and outplacement support. The experience is persona-driven and hyper-relevant because it’s based on your employee’s goals.

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