Leading through Change Workshop:

A Proven Approach to Engaging Your Talent after a Layoff

Our Leading through Change workshop will equip leaders to manage disruptions – such as a reduction in force (RIF). After a layoff, leaders must calm fears, maintain productivity, and retain key players.

Don’t just hope. Take steps to ensure managers know what to do next.

Leading through Change

The last thing you need after a layoff is to lose your remaining star talent. IMPACT Group has trained staff to guide your leaders on addressing fears and concerns and helping teams see your company’s path forward. We’re here for you and your team.

Your company recovery plan needs to address your remaining staff.

Our Leading through Change program guides managers on understanding employees’ common reactions to change and redesigning how work gets done. Change can be debilitating without strong leaders. The focus of this training is to equip managers to lead the change with confidence and sensitivity.

When you properly empower your teams after a major upheaval like a layoff, you are more likely to maintain productivity, boost engagement, and retain top talent.


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Program Overview

Effectively Leading through Change

Leading through Change

With IMPACT Group’s Leading through Change program, your HR team and managers will be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and language they need rebuild engagement and lead teams after a reduction in force.

How will your employees be affected by this change? How do you lead teams that are resistant to the change? What are common behaviors? Your managers will discover answers to questions like these in order to assess where each employee is at to best help them move forward. They’ll also discover how to remain visible and available during this difficult time, so employees know they have a trusted person they can talk to anytime about their concerns.

Invest in the long-term health of your company after a layoff by equipping leaders to support employees and successfully move teams forward.

Layoff Training


Discover how to lead company recovery after a layoff.
Our checklist will guide you through key points to successfully lead through change.


Leading through Change: Managers Ready to Retain Talent

With the right coaching, your managers will:

  • Lead change while supporting remaining employees. Managers will discover how to focus their energy on two specific areas when leading organizational transformation: process and people.
  • Create an engaging work environment after a reduction. Tailored coaching ensures managers move employees through change while valuing their emotions, suggestions, and feedback.
  • Address common reactions. Managers will explore the different stages of change readiness to ensure they understand how open or resistent each employee is to change.
  • Engage and retain top talent. Experts will share how to conduct “stay interviews” with top talent, gaining trust and identifying their core interests moving forward. 

How It Works

  • Formal workshop for your managers (in-person or virtual)
  • Workbook with best practices & exercises
  • Detailed checklist of key items


The myIMPACT platform incorporates best-in-class apps for job search and outplacement support. The experience is persona-driven and hyper-relevant because it’s based on your employee’s goals.

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