Employee Relocation Without a Coach,
is Like a Summer Day Without Sunshine

Coaching is the integral component of a successful employee relocation. IMPACT Group’s relocation assistance makes the difference.



Employee Relocation Package: Strengthen Your Core to Be in the Best Shape

If you want to get in the best shape possible to attract the right talent, we suggest you strengthen your core relocation package to include essential relocation coaching. In our recent survey of relocating employees, 70% indicated they would have benefited from additional assistance to help them settle in and feel at home again.

Relocation packages come in many flavors. Lump sum, allowance, and core/flex are among the most popular types. If you go with a core/flex program, make sure relocation coaching (which can include partner/spousal job search for couples and new city integration services for singles, couples and families) are part of the core.

Especially for those who have a lump sum or a moving allowance plan, be sure to emphasize and educate your relocating talent about these employee relocation services. You don’t want people to turn down these services, have a difficult relocation, then find out later that coaching services were available, but they didn’t know to ask. Forty-one percent (41%) of relocating employees shared they were uncomfortable or very uncomfortable sharing personal challenges related to the move with their manager/HR. Having the support of an unbiased coach helps combat a multitude of relocation challenges.

Your Relocation Package Should Focus on the Real Reasons Top Talent Says “Yes” to Moving

A relocation package should entice the right talent to move to the right location – and become enormously successful in a new role.

What must an employee relocation package include to make the biggest impact to your business?

IMPACT Group’s Relo ReThrive™ Integration Coaching provides human-centered, emotional support for employees and their household – something that can often be missing from a relocation. Relocation coaching and a personalized action plan addresses all the needs that are necessary for everyone to thrive again in the new location. Learn more about this program here. 

By providing a dedicated relocation coach and tailored location integration services, your employees will feel valued and ready to take on new challenges. Make sure you focus on the low-cost, high-attraction aspects of relocation incentives.

Relo ReThrive™ Integration Coaching

1:Me™ Relocation Support & Personalized Action Plan

Employee Relocation with IMPACT Group
Relo ReThrive Integration Coaching Model, IMPACT Group

Relo Coaching = Big Impact, Low Dollars

The cost of relocation coaching and integration assistance is a small fraction of the overall cost of employee relocation. But the payoff is huge. IMPACT Group services can increase acceptance rates and get employees settled into their new homes and jobs faster.

Relocation ProgramsEmployeesAccompanying Talent
Relo ReThrive™ Integration Coaching
Spouse/Partner Job Search
Global Career Consultation
Cross-Cultural Training
Repatriation Integration
Group Move Assistance
Relocation Decision Assistance

Does Your Relocation Package Address Mobility, Loneliness & Wellbeing?

Employees now recognize that employees who relocate – especially singles – are at a significant risk of loneliness. We now know that loneliness stifles engagement, increases stress, exacerbates depression, and may even trigger cellular changes that can lead to serious physical conditions. Nearly 80% of mobility leaders and CHROs say relocation failure can be correlated with emotional wellbeing, as revealed in our latest research. This study also revealed that 49% of organizations are investing more in wellbeing during relocations. Get the full survey results here.


Organizations Investing More in Wellbeing

How can you promote wellbeing? Make sure you offer a relocation package that offers expert coaching. IMPACT Group’s relocation integration coaches provide valuable support to help your associates settle in comfortably and socially.  Whether someone is moving alone, with a partner/spouse or with a large household, coaching is a must. Be sure to include relocation coaching as part of your “core” program.

Relocation Coach, Success Sherpa, or EQ Wizard?

Our relocation coaches go by many names. Think of them as success sherpas who offer the understanding and wisdom that comes from quarterbacking countless domestic and global moves.

  • Coach Quality – We hire only the most qualified, experienced coaches – many have relocated themselves.
  • Rigorous Assessment – During and after every engagement, we assess coaching performance to ensure a quality experience.
  • Coach Development – Our professional development programs share best practices from coach peers and global experts.

I truly believe that without my coach, I would have been significantly more stressed during the relocation and half of my needs would still remain unmet due to my lack of time and knowledge of available resources.

– Masuma Naqwe, Relocating Employee

My coach really helped me understand what I wanted out of my career and gave me the confidence to go after it. I secured a job I enjoy and feel passionate about. Creating a focused action plan with my coach helped me find that.

– Kyle Binns, Relocating Spouse

My coach was key in highlighting my strengths in my job search. She was my personal cheerleader. She really understood my apprehension and my situation.

– Kimberly Divris, Relocating Spouse

Make Employee Relocations More Pleasant, More Productive

  • Singles – Moving to a new city presents serious challenges, such as anxiety and loneliness, that can lead to a failed relocation. What calms relocation anxiety? Individualized attention from an expert. You’ll earn more employee engagement and loyalty when you provide a relocation coach as part of your relocation assistance package.
  • Couples & Families – Studies show lost employment and children’s adaptation are two of the top cited reasons employees turn down an offer. When couples move, both are likely to be career-focused. They value job search for adult member(s) of the household who accompany your employee on the move. Likewise larger families find integration services invaluable to settle everyone into new routines.
  • Talent & Mobility Professionals – Isn’t it time someone catered to your needs? That someone is us. For more than 30 years, IMPACT Group’s relocation assistance has made employee relocation a success – not just for the employee, but also for your HR, mobility, talent, recruitment, and other corporate stakeholders.

Do You Work with a Relocation Partner?

So do we. We partner with the very best. Our team partners with all the leading relocation management companies and mobility technology providers. No partner? No problem. We work with many inhouse corporate mobility teams as well.

We’ve Coached Them Through Successful Relocations

The cost of relocation coaching and integration assistance is a small fraction of the overall cost of employee relocation. But the payoff is huge. IMPACT Group services can increase acceptance rates and get employees settled into their new homes and jobs faster.

Reduce the Risk of Global Moves

With IMPACT Group, you are tapping into a dedicated team of worldwide coaches – many have been expats themselves. We deliver services in 68 countries and 25 languages. Our coaches are ready to anticipate and head off any likelihood of global relocation failure. They know how to help everyone in the household succeed in the exciting opportunity ahead.

Remote location needs? Try us. We’ve supported employees in some pretty far corners of the world.

Tailored Support for
the Road Ahead

We Tailor Programs to Fit Your Unique Employee Relocation Policy

Our 1:Me™ (one-to-me) approach includes:

  • Personally selected coaches based on needs, goals & location.
  • Customized action plan.
  • Coach-guided program personalization.
  • Consistent, quality process.
  • Ability to pause and restart programs at any time.

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