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Roni Chambers

Vice President, Coaching Excellence

Roni Chambers is a seasoned Human Resource professional with extensive experience aligning Human Resource initiatives with overall business objectives. Throughout her career, she has displayed a passion for walking alongside individuals during career transitions.
In her role at IMPACT Group, Roni provides leadership to a team of 200+ relocation and outplacement coaches across the globe, ensuring coaching excellence for job seekers at all levels in their career. She maintains a vibrant coaching community to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, and connections between our coaching experts. Roni also provides thought leadership and coaching best practices to continuously improve our programs.
Prior to joining IMPACT Group, Roni led the revitalization of GO! Network, a non-profit program spun out of St. Patrick Center, which has assisted more than 4,500 professionals in career transitions. As a volunteer executive director, Roni applied her decades of HR experience to provide targeted resources, leadership, mentoring, and encouragement to thousands of GO!’s unemployed or under-employed constituents.
In her progressive career at Anheuser-Busch, Roni originated and implemented best practices to provide an employee-oriented, high-performance culture that emphasized empowerment, quality, productivity, and goal attainment for 1,500 employees. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and Leadership. In her spare time, Roni can be found outdoors, with her family and her horses.

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