Workplace Culture = Talent Turnoff?

If a difficult workplace culture has you worried, here’s your solution. Create a culture your star talent won’t leave with these 4 steps.
Workplace Culture Guide

How would you describe your workplace culture? Magnetic or repulsive?

Executives everywhere are seeing the strong connection between workplace culture and talent woes, such as low retention and failed talent acquisition. Culture can also affect how readily your workforce manages change and succeeds with digital transformation. While workplace culture is not a novel concept, it has deepened as a focus for many reasons. The top one being our current talent shortage.


You simply can’t afford to lose your top talent.

62% of HR and talent leaders are concerned about losing talent in 2024 – and their workplace culture is likely a culprit. found that among 1,100 dissatisfied employees, 40% blamed culture.

Supply and demand affect power and influence. And talent is now in short supply. In fact, this issue is the number one thing keeping your CEO up at night. That’s why today’s talent has the power to influence workplace culture like we haven’t seen in the past. In today’s tighter job market, skilled talent can afford to be more selective. This makes culture a bigger factor.



Percentage of dissatisfied employees who blame workplace culture.*


Take steps now to create a workplace culture no one wants to leave.

Employees have many options today, so you can’t shrug off culture concerns. It’s plain and simple: If people are happier in their work environment, they’re more likely to keep coming back. But what turns around a bad culture? Get this CHRO guide filled with expert advice on trust, the impact of bad bosses, and development opportunities – all of which have a heavy influence on your workplace culture.



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