Learning & Development:
The Changing Landscape

Learning & Development, IMPACT Group

Investing in learning & development is no longer an option in the eyes of your employees.

Their longevity with your company depends on it. To maximize the dollars spent on learning & development, it’s critical to understand the topics and delivery methods that are most meaningful to your talent.

94% of employees would stay longer if they received development opportunities.

This new infographic paves the way to understanding what this new era of learning & development encompasses. Use it to analyze how your organization can achieve measurable outcomes that move the needle for your company and your talent.

The infographic explores:

  • Top learning & development interests.
  • Preferred delivery methods.
  • What top leaders value most in the investment.

Get answers to these questions and more. This infographic is based on IMPACT Group’s 2021 survey of more than 100 HR & Talent Development leaders — as well as other curated content. See what’s changed when it comes to corporate training and development. Find out what type of training ranks #1. And, see which delivery methods produce the highest ROI. Learn more now.


Our programs focus on change, resilience, metrics, and diversity.

IMPACT Group is a WBE-certified global leader in leadership & development. We offer corporate training and leadership development for employees at all levels in their careers. 

We offer programs that can be adapted for virtual delivery:

Women in Leadership – whose participants include female leaders as well as the men and women who manage them.

Executive Coaching – to enhance the effectiveness of key executives.

High IMPACT Coaching™ – a program that pairs leaders with expert coaches to build confidence and focus leaders’ attention on the most critical and urgent priorities.

High IMPACT Start – enables new leaders to take a strategic approach to their first 100 days.

High IMPACT Teams™ – a team development program that builds positive team culture, psychological safety, and trust to maximize team performance.

High IMPACT Leadership – for high-potential leaders at all levels.

Multicultural Team EQ – a program designed to enhance collaboration and communication in global teams.

Wraparound Coaching – to boost the effectiveness of your existing, content-rich leadership programs.

Your global partner for talent on the move.