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New Leadership Development Coaching for Today’s Talent

We offer a variety of solutions. Whether we’re providing one-on-one coaching, leading executive team development, or managing cohort programs, IMPACT Group has a strategic plan for transforming your new and existing leaders at all levels.

We know how adults learn. And we know that it’s not just about “learning;” it’s about putting skills to work and behavior change. That’s why our leadership development coaching programs leverage a “new school” integrated learning model that emphasizes coaching over old-school “book learning.”

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Our programs literally change the trajectory of people’s lives and companies’ performance. Through group programs and individualized coaching engagements, IMPACT Group prepares your talent to take on larger roles and new challenges.

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Coaching + Brain Science

We incorporate brain-based learning principles inspired by research. Goleman’s emotional intelligence, Hofstede’s dimensions of culture, Edmondson’s principles of psychological safety – as well as other compelling works -- are the foundation of our coaching practices and models.

Partner with a Local Leadership Development Coaching Expert

Founded in St. Louis in 1988, IMPACT Group is a women-owned business certified by the WBENC. Today, we offer leadership development coaching, outplacement, and employee relocation worldwide. CEO Lauren Herring has led the company since 2009 when she succeeded her mother, Laura Herring, the founder.

We understand the St. Louis business community! The Herring family is active in St. Louis business as well as local philanthropy.

You have unique goals for your talent. And IMPACT Group has unique programs that focus on change, resilience, metrics, and diversity. Contact us now. Let’s realize your goals together.

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