Laying Off an Employee

Expert Guidance For Laying Off an Employee

Need fast help and budget-friendly support for laying off an employee? IMPACT Group has you covered. As a global outplacement leader, we will ease the burden of laying off an employee.

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Feeling stressed about laying off an employee?

You’re likely moving fast and making stressful decisions about your upcoming layoff. Even if you’ve done this before, consulting an expert ensures you follow best practices to avoid serious risks to your business. IMPACT Group will guide you each step of the way.

Laying Off an Employee

Our Clients Say We’re Unlike Other Firms

We’ve used other outplacement firms, many of them offer services by way of rhetoric. Unlike the others, IMPACT Group delivers a strong experience and high value, demonstrating that Grainger values all employees – including those who are leaving.

Hank Galatz
Associate General Counsel

Foot Locker has used IMPACT Group’s Outplacement Services for several years. They have consistently provided a high level of service. They have been highly successful in helping our employees transition into new roles. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a great partner.

Brian Ziegler
VP Global Total Rewards
Foot Locker

IMPACT Group provides highly attentive service to our people in career transition and to us as a client.


Steven Kase
VP Human Resources

Prepare HR leaders & managers for laying off an employee.


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Programs That Help with Laying Off an Employee


Take the guess work out of delivering layoff news. Our experts will equip your leaders with best practices and what to avoid. When laying off an employee, you’ll have access to our proven methods to reduce risk, minimize stress, and preserve relationships.


IMPACT Group’s career transition coaching provides support and guidance as exiting employees look to what’s next. We offer unmatched expertise. Our program participants land a new role in half the time of the national average.


Our Leading through Change workshop coaches managers and department heads on alleviating fears, maintaining productivity, and retaining star talent after laying off an employee. Take steps to ensure managers know what to do next.

Outplacement Helps Retain Star Talent

A Small Investment in Outplacement Puts Remaining Staff at Ease

Laying Off an Employee

Compassionate employers know outplacement is necessary when laying off an employee. It protects your company’s brand, creates soft landings for exiting employees, and communicates a powerful message to remaining staff. Imagine how your star talent will feel knowing your company DIDN’T pay a nominal fee to support their friends and colleagues with job search coaching.

With talent retention being a key concern for HR, investing in outplacement when laying off an employee will help you keep the key players you need to move your company into a brighter future.

Outplacement counseling, or an outplacement coach, provides the needed expertise to help exiting employees land the best new role for them. Our clients commend us for being highly successful at helping employees transition. Coaching focuses on the practical side of the transition as well as the emotional aspects of change, including loss, separation, fear, and anger.

Outplacement support also provides services for HR and managers. Your leaders will be well prepared for laying staff off both compassionately and professionally.

Know the Legal Risks of Laying Off an Employee

Employees may have a case for receiving severance funds when:

  • Severance is mentioned in an employee handbook
  • There is a history of offering severance packages in similar instances, or
  • There is evidence of a conversation in which severance was promised.

As a risk mitigation tactic, it is strongly advised to include outplacement with your severance package. A signed severance agreement is not a foolproof strategy. In some cases, employees won when they sued their employers even AFTER signing severance agreement releases.

Find out more about a severance package and why you should include outplacement to build good will and mitigate risk when laying off an employee.

Laying Off an Employee
Get fast assistance for laying off an employee.

Clear Steps to Take When Laying Off an Employee

From start to finish, this checklist has you covered. It walks you through the 4 phases of laying off an employee. Proper planning will put your entire team at ease as you navigate a workforce reduction. Whether you are laying off an employee or whole divisions, stress is high during this difficult time.

Planning ahead reduces risks to your business when laying off an employee. In addition, it also gives your HR team and managers clear direction. As you evaluate your company’s mission, future direction, and business reasons, our checklist creates a clear path toward success for everyone. Get there with less risk to your brand and your remaining staff. Download this helpful checklist now.

Laying Staff Off

Laying Off an Employee: It’s Farewell, Not Goodbye 

Always remember that, when laying off an employee, you haven’t ended the relationship. After offboarding, the employee is forever connected to your brand as an employee alumni. Here’s why it’s important that former employees think highly of your brand:

1. Revenue – Employee alumni might take a new job with one of your customers or suppliers. You want to keep them as brand ambassadors rather than detractors.

2. Referrals – Employee alumni often have niche domain expertise. Others seek out their opinions and connections when they are buying from your company.

3. Rehired Talent – Alumni often return to fill important roles, especially if they upskill or gain valuable experience elsewhere.

4. Reinforcement of Your Brand – Alumni can be active on social platforms and alumni networks. You want them sharing favorable opinions of your products.

For these reasons, it’s important to offer high-quality outplacement programs.

Laying Off an Employee
Partner with an expert to lead a flawless layoff.