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Jennifer Petriglieri is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD and Author of Couples That Work

In this episode Lauren and Jennifer discuss:

The three transitions that dual-career couples go through and how couples can work together to overcome associated obstacles and achieve success in both their careers and personal lives

Key takeaways:

During the first stage of transition at the beginning of a couple’s relationship (generally within five years), partners must make tough decisions to combine their lives and careers.

Couples who make decisions and do things with intent will be better able to fit their lives together and make it work.

Couples in equal priority careers should have discussions about boundaries – this helps to make decisions, reduce uncertainty, and decrease stress.

Throughout the second stage of transition (mid-career), couples need to shift their model of support to a loving push to help their partner determine what they really want.

It’s important for individuals to try new things/get their feet wet before making final career decisions.

When couples reframe thinking from you versus me to focusing on positives and negatives for both individuals, they can get everything on the table.

If there’s always a loser when there’s a winner, this will not work well in relationships.”

– Jennifer Petriglieri

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