Joyce Russell – It’s All About Relationships


Joyce Russell is President of the Adecco US Foundation and author of Put A Cherry of Top: Generosity in Life and Leadership.

In this episode Lauren and Joyce discuss:

  •  Thriving in the pandemic and working in a purpose-driven career.
  •  Cultivating your EQ skills and physical health for personal improvement and career advancement.
  •  How to give people a “cherry on top” experience

Key Takeaways:

  • The reason for your first promotion tends to be your IQ skills or technical skills but your EQ skills will take you beyond that. Figure out which muscle you should be working on right now in the EQ framework.
  •  Make sure that your best self is being seen by committing to take care of yourself.
  •  There is an untapped power in the relationships that you’ve built. Be brave enough, have courage to ask for a favor from your connections especially if you believe that you’ve invested enough into the relationship.
  •  If you’re not connecting with your boss, you have to own that. Don’t wait for them, you initiate the connection and the relationship.

“Be brave enough. Have the personal courage to leverage relationships.” – Joyce Russell

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