Provide Expat Support for Employees & Families through Difficult Transitions

Utilize IMPACT Group’s human-centered relocation and expat support.

Relocation Support & Coaching for Unplanned Moves

During times of crisis and trauma, we have a duty of care to those on assignment to not only protect them physically, but also to support them through the emotional challenges that loom ahead following times of change, grief and the unexpected.


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Program Overview

There are unknows in any move, but especially in an evacuation or emergency move.

People are likely experiencing fear, anxiety, anger, frustration and many more emotions. IMPACT Group’s transition, grief, trauma and life coaching experts have come together to provide a structure for assessing the needs of these individuals and families. In addition, these coaches have a wealth of resources to support people while honoring their feelings about the situation – creating momentum to move forward in the next steps of their life and career.

All of our coaches are certified and credentialed.

They are capable of dealing with the complex and unexpected challenges associated with a move of this type.

Our approach: 

  • Complete Needs Assessment
  • Prioritize Needs
  • Work through Change
  • Create Routines
  • Research the New Location
  • Adjust to Cultural Differences
  • Connect with Others
  • Thrive in the New Location
  • Transition into a New Role (for the Employee)
Expat Support, IMPACT Group

An unplanned relocation can cause intense stress and anxiety.
Discover how our coaches can help with these challenges.



How It Works

  • Dedicated 1:Me™ coaching
  • Personal needs assessment to create customized program
  • Transition plan to support the entire household in addressing personal, professional, and emotional needs
  • Access to career support for the accompanying partner, if desired
  • Customized research to support unique needs
  • Online portal with resources to assist with every aspect of the move


The myIMPACT platform incorporates best-in-class apps for job search and relocation. The experience is persona-driven and hyper-relevant because it’s based on your employee’s situation and goals.

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