Best Outplacement Services: How to Select Your Vendor

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Looking for the best outplacement services for an upcoming layoff or reduction in force?

Whether the plan affects hundreds of employees or just a handful, which outplacement services you choose matters. Your selection will largely determine how well you mitigate the risks of the layoff and deliver on your unique needs – all without breaking the bank. From guidance on how to determine which positions will be eliminated to addressing company recovery issues, the outplacement firm you partner with should play a strategic role throughout the process.

Are the big guys the best outplacement services?

Lee Hecht Harrison (owned by The Adecco Group) and Right Management (owned by ManpowerGroup) are two of the biggest outplacement firms. You can also find many smaller, local providers. However, neither the biggest names in outplacement nor the hometown variety may be the best for your organization.  To select the best outplacement services for your organization, click the link at the bottom of this page and download our guide to get a good understanding of how to evaluate firms in connection with your needs.

For HR leaders, layoffs are a time of high stress. The risks of getting it wrong are well understood:  legal issues, bad publicity, low employee engagement and brand erosion. Any negativity can become further amplified through social media, which can quickly ignite a firestorm of public humiliation if your organization is branded as unfair or biased.  The best outplacement firms are experienced and tenured, so they can serve as a trusted advisor to guide you through risk-mitigating practices.

You need an outplacement firm that won’t treat your needs as a perfunctory check box on a to-do list.  If you don’t have an outplacement advisor who is available, supportive, and able to provide expert advice every step of the way, you don’t have the best.

But if the biggest isn’t the best, how do you choose the best outplacement services?

Download this guide to select the right services for your organization today! It provides an assessment model based on:

» Risk mitigation
» Technology
» Coaching quality
» Cost
» Outcomes
» And more.

What may surprise you about selecting the best outplacement services?

We even tackle the two biggest surprises associated with evaluating outplacement firms. Even if you’ve worked with one before, this guide may reveal a lot you didn’t already know.


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