Employee Development Program Achieves ROI: Case Study

Veolia Group, a global leader in optimized resource management with over 179,000 employees worldwide, had a growing need for employee development to address business changes and a pending talent gap that threatened the bench strength in their succession pipeline.

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“When we looked at the metrics, we realized we had 35-50% gaps in talent in some areas due to impending Baby Boomer retirements,” shares Augie Shulke, Former CHRO at Veolia. “We knew we had to do something about that.”


In order to continue to grow business, Veolia needed to accelerate the development of their emerging leaders and drive retention of high-potentials through a centralized employee development program.

Veolia desired a true partnership in creating their employee development program. Together, Veolia and IMPACT Group determined the current state of the organization and which program would meet their exact needs. Along the way, they not only honed in on specific leadership competencies in their employees, but also delivered measurable results for the organization as a whole.

In this case study, Veolia shares the real results they were able to achieve through 1:Me™ leadership coaching, action-learning capstone projects, cohort learning sessions, and management involvement to reinforce gains made during the employee development process.

“The stats speak for themselves. We have achieved a 90% retention rate and 20% promotion rate versus our company average of 9%. We know this program works. The participants love them. Our leaders love them.” – Augie Schulke, Former CHRO at Veolia

Select real results from their employee development program include:

  • $750,000 eliminated on initial software platform spend
  • $70,000 customer experience savings
  • 75% increased efficiency in month-end accrual

Discover the secret to their employee development program.

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