Managers Thrive in a Strong, Coaching Culture

Engage your  managers in our High IMPACT Leadership program and transform your organization.

For Managers & Rising Leaders

Develop coaching competencies and watch the effect on your business.

There’s a difference between managing work and leading people.

When supervisors or managers focus primarily on tasks and to-dos, work gets done. But when they shift their attention to coaching the people assigned with those tasks, business accelerates forward. Empower your managers to develop their emotional intelligence (EQ) and coaching strengths. You’ll see results in engagement, retention and other business outcomes.


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High IMPACT Leadership

Program Overview

Engage Leaders to Grow to New Levels

Managers have the greatest influence on their direct reports’ engagement, development, productivity and retention. When managers provide feedback, support career development and inspire passion in their teams, companies gain an unmatched competitive advantage: an intrinsically motivated workforce.

High IMPACT Leadership is an integrated development program and management training that equips existing leaders to create a high-engagement workplace and advance your organization’s competitive advantage.

Tailored to enhance every leader’s ability to coach and develop teams, High IMPACT Leadership achieves higher levels of employee engagement and heightens performance across all levels.

Through a targeted 360° Feedback Assessment, two dynamic onsite learning sessions with peers, action learning assignments and one-on-one reinforcement coaching, leaders will create and sustain a high-engagement, high-productivity culture for your organization.

Trade Old School Methods for New School Approach

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Results of High IMPACT Leadership

Reframe How Your Managers View Themselves as Leaders

Directors, managers and team leads will benefit by examining how they manage today and by exploring new possibilities.  The program helps managers build on their success as they prepare for larger roles. We help managers identify and leverage internal motivators that influence employee engagement, including personal impact, sense of achievement and pride of ownership. Through participation in this multi-phase integrated program, your existing leaders will increase their ability to:

  • Engage. Recognize the impact of engaged/disengaged employees and ways to foster engagement.
  • Grow. Develop team members by identifying each employee’s strengths and guiding them in acquiring new skills.
  • Relate. Build relationships based on trust and take a personalized approach to lead each team member for high performance.
  • Coach. Adopt a coach mindset and give ongoing feedback to enhance skills, drive performance and increase engagement.
  • Inspire. Inspire meaningful work and help others see the value and purpose in their work to catalyze engagement.
  • Recognize. Prioritize recognition by creating a culture of appreciation from both the leader and across the team.
  • Inquire. Leverage inquiry to enable employees to develop their own critical thinking skills and actively participate in the organization.

How It Works

  • Assigned leadership coach to uncover insights from assessment, implement action plan, practice new skills and drive accountability throughout program
  • Two experiential-facilitated, onsite sessions designed to stimulate learning and build new behaviors
  • Robust and focused individualized action plan
  • On-the-job application assignment between onsite sessions to enable immediate deployment of newly acquired skills
  • Multi-rater 360⁰ Feedback Assessment targeting key leadership behaviors

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