Multicultural Teams Succeed When We Enhance Multicultural Competencies

Even our best and brightest can find it difficult to know how to behave and communicate with people from different geographies and cultures. Expert coaching for multicultural teams can build such competencies.

Multicultural Team EQ™

Grow Global Team Performance & Develop Strong Multicultural Teams

Multicultural teams are becoming the norm today at so many organizations as we work with fellow employees, clients contractors and others. Strong multicultural competence and effective global team performance are critical to business success, now more than ever. Research shows that culturally diverse companies are 35% more likely to have financial returns above the national industry median. Business benefits are numerous when your mulitcultural teams are given opportunities to fully leverage their strengths. In fact, 39% of organizations plan to increase their cross-cultural training in 2021 so diverse groups of people can work more effectively.

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Establish High Performance Relationships while Increasing Team Unity

Leveraging IMPACT Group’s proprietary Team EQ™ framework and coaching improves multicultural competence while building your team’s emotional intelligence and cultural agility. Our Multicultural Team EQ™ program introduces new insights to help teams communicate, collaborate, and innovate at their best.

Multicultural Team EQ™ is best suited for intact teams of people from different global backgrounds who are ready to increase multicultural competence and address team challenges through a cross-cultural lens.

IMPACT Group’s program begins with each team member completing a personal cross-cultural assessment, followed by a dynamic, interactive virtual 3-hour team session.

Invest in Your Multicultural Teams to Enhance Effectiveness

Through this program, your team will:

  • Develop multicultural competence and awareness. As employees better understand themselves and the people they work with, your teams will flourish.
  • Improve communication. Your team will enhance their understanding of other’s cultural preferences and personal work styles.
  • Build cultural agility. Learning ways to relate to other cultural styles enables employees to develop the trust teams need to succeed.
  • Reduce non-productive conflict. Participants will gain the ability to uncover and address potential cross-cultural sources of conflict.

How It Works:

  • Personal Cross-Cultural Assessment & Report
  • 3-Hour Team Session Facilitated by Cross-Cultural Expert
  • Development of Common Agreements for Team Communication and Interaction

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