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Empower Teams

Develop Teams to Accelerate Performance

What happens when a group of strangers work toward a common goal? 

Eventually, they might learn about each other and create systems, processes, and even codes of conduct that promote inclusiveness and belonging.  They may discover methods that leverage each other’s strengths and reduce wasted effort. Eventually, all that might happen on its own. Or maybe not. Or maybe it does, but it just takes time – as in years. Does your buisness have the luxury to wait and see?

Even in the best of situations, teams struggle with reducing performance gaps, conflict, and loss of productivity. Team members working remotely, the stress of uncertainty and the rapid pace of change all combine to inhibit team productivity. That’s why it’s imperative to be intentional about team development. Successful teams are purposeful about building a positive team culture, psychological safety, and trust in order to overcome barriers and maximize team performance.

IMPACT Group’s High IMPACT Teams program provides proven methods and structure for team development. Our program improves and accelerates Team EQ – the ability for team members to understand each other, trust, engage, collaborate, and manage conflict. 

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High IMPACT Teams is a dynamic, interactive development program that improves and accelerates team collaboration, engagement, performance, and trust. Building Team EQ™ and awareness of self and others through a series of dynamic workshops plus an assessment, teams reduce performance gaps, conflict, and loss of productivity.

Unlike other assessment tools that focus only on observable behavior, our offering provides robust insights relating to our strengths, interests, motivational needs, and stress behaviors during uncertain times. High IMPACT Teams leverages these insights to build team psychological safety, trust, and collaboration.


How Our Team Development Program Works:

  • Self-assessment with detailed feedback
  • Six, one-on-one coaching sessions over a four-month period
  • Application of a strategic framework and 100-day action plan
  • New manager involvement to ensure alignment
  • Suggested readings and resources to support the new leader
  • Option to include facilitated on-site sessions with the new leader’s team or stakeholders

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