Want to Boost L&D Results?

Add Coaching & Watch People Soar!

Wraparound coaching will amplify the results of your existing training & development programs.

Step Up Your Development Efforts with Wraparound Coaching

Add Coaching to Boost the Performance of Your Leaders at All Levels

Thought about adding a coaching component to your existing leadership development program? Smart move.

Our Wraparound Coaching service is designed for you. Developing new leaders to take on bigger roles is an important task. You want your talent positioned for success.

Wraparound coaching provides that extra boost to your development program. When you work with IMPACT Group, we manage and scale the program to fit your needs. Whether you need one leadership coach to work with a rising leader, or you need to source a network of qualified coaches to work with your global team, we can provide that extra element that may be missing from your program today — coaching.


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Wraparound Coaching Program Overview

Coaching is a Powerful Enhancement to Your Current Programs

Whether your organization offers formal, instructor-led development programs or self-directed online learning courses, you can extend the value of all types of leadership learning programs with supplemental coaching.

Your employees will have highly customized, 1:Me™ coaching sessions with a professional coach. A coach will:


  1. Help leaders set & achieve relevant development goals
  2. Become a confidential sounding board to help leaders problem solve
  3. Hold leaders accountable for making appropriate changes
  4. Guide leaders to reflect on lessons learned, so that the learning sticks
  5. Empower leaders to take action & apply what they’ve learned
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How It Works:

  • Individualized coaching sessions
  • Individualized development plan
  • Access to self-assessment tools, such as 360° Career Accelerator, MBTI, or Birkman Method
  • Implementation plan to monitor and provide ongoing support

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