Boost Retention, Engagement & Leadership Skills with Our 360° Assessment Package

While 360° assessment feedback creates awareness,
it’s up to the individual to change. Coaching is the catalyst.

Combine Your 360° Assessment with Coaching

You don’t want to “dump and run.” Stopping with a report doesn’t lead to results.

After you invest everyone’s time in completing 360° assessments, it’s essential to take the next step. Provide coaching to help leaders develop a customized development plan. That’s the job of a leadership coach!

While 360° assessments create awareness, it’s up to the individual to change. Your emerging leaders will receive three powerful coaching sessions to turn their assessment feedback into action steps.


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Coaching + Brain Science

Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), neuro-scientists learn how the brain changes. These insights influenced the development of the ARIA learning model of Awareness, Reflection, Insight, and Action. Coaches facilitate reflection, insight, and development of an action plan. This proven ARIA model helps promote behavioral change.

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When you provide this package to your emerging leaders, their 360° feedback will have an exponential impact on your organization. Pairing feedback with coaching is the accelerator. The package includes management of 360° assessments plus three coaching sessions per person. Learn more today!

360 Assessment

360° Assessment Package Overview

Coaching is a Powerful Enhancement to Your 360° Assessment Feedback

The 360° feedback provides leaders with professional feedback from the people that work closely with them. Usually, this includes an employee’s manager, peers, direct reports, clients, vendors, and other business colleagues.

Our coaches empower leaders to then turn that feedback into actionable growth strategies. Leaders will engage with their coach in three powerful coaching sessions covering.


  1. 360° Results Debrief – an expert coach will help maximize the impact of the feedback.
  2. Manager Dialogue Prep – leaders will be prepared to meet with their supervisor to gain agreement on next steps.
  3. Action Plan Session – together, the leader and coach will outline a plan with specific actions to grow as a leader.

Meet a Few of Our Coaches

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