Developing Leadership: HR Experts Explore Top Trends

In this study, 100+ HR professionals share their insights on developing leadership. Find out how their development programs have evolved. And see what learning formats they believe work best.

Developing Leadership Study, IMPACT Group

How do your programs for developing leadership stack up?

We surveyed 100+ HR and professional development experts to learn how their programs for developing leadership have evolved since 2020. And we learned about their top priorities for this year. From corporate learning benchmarks to executive must-haves, you’ll gain key insights from HR leaders into where their talent dollars are being invested.  

56% of organizations will provide non-technical skills training to 50% – 100% of their employees.

48% of companies plan to expand the use of coaches to develop individuals and/or teams – especially those working virtually. 

Download the developing leadership study to discover:

  • Corporate learning trends & participation rates.  
  • Key skills that are a must-have to advance executives. 
  • HR perspectives on what is needed when developing leadership. 


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Annual Coaching



We develop leaders around the globe.

IMPACT Group is a WBE-certified global leader in leadership development, relocation support, and outplacement assistance. We offer programs for developing leadership at all levels in their careers. For 30+ years, we have helped individuals and teams improve business outcomes by developing leadership skills they can readily put into practice. We emphasize the power of individualized coaching, bringing coaching to support your internal programs or engaging with our instructor-led workshops to achieve your goals.


Our leadership coaching focuses on change, resilience, metrics & diversity.

We offer eight programs that can be adapted for virtual delivery: 

  • Women in Leadership – whose participants include female leaders as well as the men and women who manage them.
  • Executive Coaching – to enhance the effectiveness of key executives.
  • High IMPACT Coaching™ – a program that pairs leaders with expert coaches to build confidence and focus leaders’ attention on the most critical and urgent priorities.
  • High IMPACT Start – enables new leaders to take a strategic approach to their first 100 days.
  • High IMPACT Teams™ – a team development program that builds positive team culture, psychological safety, and trust to maximize team performance.
  • High IMPACT Leadership – for high-potential leaders at all levels.
  • Multicultural Team EQ – a program designed to enhance collaboration and communication in global teams.
  • Wraparound Coaching – to boost the effectiveness of your existing, content-rich leadership programs. 

Clients leverage these programs to achieve measurable business results. 


Our Services


Through group programs and individualized coaching engagements, we develop leaders at all levels. We prepare your talent to take on larger roles and new challenges.


We’re experts in relocation coaching and integration assistance. We were first to offer job search services for spouses, partners, and others who accompany your talent on the move.


We help you conduct flawless, compassionate reductions in force that benefit your company, remaining employees, as well as exiting employees.