An Expat’s Journey Home: Nicky’s Repatriation Story

After four years as an Expat, it was time to return home. “Moving to Saudi Arabia was the first time we lived outside of Australia,” shares Nicky Gladman. During her family’s time abroad, she worked as an Education Assistant for the International Schools Group at Dhahran British Grammar School. Prior to that role, her career included office management and receptionist roles in Australia.

When Nicky’s husband, Simon, transferred back to his home office in Australia, Nicky was matched with a one-on-one career coach to re-launch her career. “Having Lois’ support was extremely valuable. My favorite part of the program was talking to her about my possibilities,” Nicky says. “Lois always provided me with what I needed and guided me through the steps.” Lois Hewitt serves as a Global Career/Transition Coach at IMPACT Group. She provides guidance to families moving to Australia.

Nicky was rethinking what she would do upon returning home. Saudi Arabia exposed Nicky to opulent interiors and sparked a desire to create through interior design. Lois helped her explore new career possibilities.

She suggested Nicky explore volunteer opportunities to engage with interior decorators in Mandurah. After the IMPACT Group research team found local contacts, Lois coached Nicky on requesting information interviews to establish a relationship and discover insights on the industry from these individuals. “Lois was very intuitive to our discussions. She was tremendously helpful with all of my questions.”

“Having Lois’ support was extremely valuable. My favorite part of the program was talking to her about my possibilities.”

Nicky obtained qualification as an Interior Designer in order to launch her new career. She is now working to establish her own business. “With Lois’ help, I look forward to starting this new venture,” Nicky comments. Together, they completed the business start-up process, including registering the company, creating a social media presence and marketing materials, establishing a budget, and outlining a business plan. Nicky is excited to see where this new direction will take her. “I highly recommend other entrepreneurs give their dream a go and make it a reality!”

Relocating back to Australia was smooth for the whole family. “We are happy to be in our home town. We are so lucky to live in the best country in the world! I am thankful every day,” Nicky shares. “Simon’s transition to his new role has been quite easy, knowing we were supported throughout our transition home.”