Are You Offering This Critical Item for Every Relocation?

Transferees don’t fit a mold – and their relocation benefits shouldn’t either.

Is the mention of relocating enough to make your head spin? Even in the happiest of situations, relocation is a monstrous feat.

“On average, 60% of the individuals we support are first-time movers,” shares Ed Marshall, Practice Leader, Global Mobility at IMPACT Group. “They often don’t know what they need, what to anticipate during the move, or who to ask for assistance.”


Needs Assessment: Critical conversation that identified areas where proactive focus is required.


The relocation can go south in a hurry if the transferee and family do not receive a thorough assessment of their relocation needs. What was needed for Joanne’s relocation to Atlanta last month isn’t necessarily what will be needed for Mike’s relocation to Oakland next month. Transferees don’t fit a mold – and their relocation benefits shouldn’t either. 
“In our initial call with customers, we determine what stage/phase they are in in the relocation process and – more importantly – how they feel about the move,” comments Ed. “Employees and trailing spouses aren’t always comfortable sharing their concerns with the company, which means no one may realize the obstacles they face.”

Assessments typically brings 4–6 critical issues to light for each family. When is the best time to transfer the kids to a new school? How will the spouse look for a new job when the relocation date keeps changing? What resources will the family need while living in separate cities until the house sells? Once these unique needs are determined, coaches can better prepare employees and their families to stay ahead of roadblocks before they derail the relocation.

In the long run, assessments turn into a cost savings for the sponsoring company, as well. “When we can create a tailored program for each family’s critical issues, they only receive the services they really need. The sponsoring company is only charged for those services instead of the maximum allowed benefit,” Ed explains. “In addition to lower expenses, it provides demographic data to help organizations better understand their transferees as a whole. Information gleaned may include age bracket, family makeup, and career level.” This data can go a long way in creating successful relocation scenarios for the company and the employee.

And let’s not forget the valuable impact they have on the relocation overall. “The sooner unexpected needs and obstacles are overcome, the less chance they have of affecting the employee’s productivity at the office, placing stress on the family, or leading to a failed relocation.”

Proper assessments are the key to knowing what your transferee needs to get from here to there as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Partner with IMPACT Group to assess what is needed to send your transferees and families happily on their way. Learn more about our spouse/partner job search and family integration programs.