Coaching Employees is on the Rise: New Study Reveals Key Trends

Coaching employees is exploding in popularity. While leadership coaching was once reserved for upper tiers of org charts, forward-thinking organizations are embracing the transformative power of coaching and bringing it to all levels. Our new Study – 2022 Trends in Leadership Coaching – reveals that 54% of HR leaders plan to expand their use of coaching in 2022.

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Why Coaching Employees is on the Mind of Many HR Pros

According to an ICF study, “Organizations with strong coaching cultures report 61% of their employees are ‘highly engaged,’ compared to 53% from organizations without strong coaching cultures.” A successful program for coaching employees improves the individual’s performance. Coaching also improves people’s abilities to  engage, trust, and collaborate with colleagues.

That’s why organizations are now scaling their programs to reach more employees. More people coached tends to produce more sustainable value. More coaches have entered the market and tech platforms have automated administrative aspects of coaching. This means companies can now find a wide range of affordable programs. And many organizations cite coaching employees as a top priority in 2022. 

Non-Technical Training Pervades Organizations in 2022

To further emphasize this point, 58% of responding organizations state that 50% – 100% of their employees will participate in non-technical training in 2022.  Employee coaching is often used to develop non-technical skills and is a means of delivering a highly customized learning experience. Coaches focus on what is relevant to the individual right now versus classroom or workshop-style programs where the curriculum is more generalized. 

Coaching Employees as a Retention Strategy

Coaching employees at all levels improves employee performance – and it also increases their likelihood of staying with your organization. Employees are less likely to leave when their employer invests in their learning and development.

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