Executive Leadership Traits Vital for Promotion

When it comes to advancing senior leaders, what are the most desired leadership traits in your upper talent?

The top-rated skill may surprise you.

We asked HR experts to rate which skills, if absent or weak in an individual, prevent leaders from being promoted to higher levels of leadership. Here are what they believe are must-have leadership traits.

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About Us

IMPACT Group is a WBE-certified global leader in leadership development, relocation support, and outplacement assistance. We offer programs for developing leadership traits in employees at all levels in their careers, including executives. For 30+ years, we have helped individuals and teams improve business outcomes by developing leadership traits and skills they can readily put into practice. We emphasize the power of individualized coaching, bringing coaching to support your internal programs or engaging with our instructor-led workshops to achieve your goals. 

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Enhance the Leadership Traits of Top Executives

There’s a reason Olympic athletes work with a coach – to improve performance. One-on-one executive coaching builds new strategic approaches, develops business EQ, and enhances their ability to motivate organizational behavior. The results are transformative leadership traits and executive skills. Discover what sets our program apart.

Empower Executives

Our Programs Focus on Change, Resilience, Metrics & Diversity

Today’s business environment is challenging us all. Your leaders may feel they lack the leadership traits to combat isolation among employees and even feel helpless as they confront unprecedented situations. Senior executives have less time to mentor and coach. What’s the answer? IMPACT Group’s leadership development programs, which can be delivered virtually.

We offer five programs that can be adapted for virtual delivery: Priority IMPACT Coaching™ – a program that pairs leaders with expert coaches to build confidence and focus leaders’ attention on the most critical and urgent priorities in the here and now; Priority IMPACT Teams™ – a team development program that builds positive team culture, psychological safety, and trust to maximize team performance; Women in Leadership – whose participants include female leaders as well as the men and women who manage them; High IMPACT Coaching – for high-potential leaders at all levels; and Executive Coaching – for key executives. These programs generate measurable business outcomes and ROI.

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