Mexico to Canada: Overcoming Challenges to Find the Right Position

Culture shock hits in so many ways during international relocations. “It was difficult realizing we had to start a completely new life,” says Jorge Vidal Gutierrez. “Canada and Mexico are very different countries.” The shock wasn’t just personal – it was professional as well. “I didn’t anticipate the culture within Canadian companies. Canadian employers often won’t consider you unless you have Canadian experience on your résumé.” Although Jorge was more than qualified for the roles he pursued, he struggled to get past HR.

Jorge started his career as an Assistant Brand Manager and has worked his way up to management roles over the past 10 years. “It was frustrating to not be considered by employers since I have worked at major companies throughout my career. I know the language, I live here…yet no one would consider me.”

A much needed advisor, IMPACT Group coach George Dutch, provided advice and encouragement in the midst of Jorge’s frustration. “George gave me a clear understanding of what Canadian employers look for in a candidate and put positive pressure on me to explore different options during my job search,” says Jorge. George has served as a career coach for nearly 25 years and is based in Ottawa, Canada. He advised Jorge on developing merit-based performance examples to include in his resume, which is very important in Canada. The hiring process in Mexico places more emphasis on relational ties.   

“Together, Jorge and I crafted a value proposition that he could clearly and concisely communicate to prospective employers,” says George. “This allowed him to demonstrate how he could help the employer save money, improve productivity, and increase efficiency. This in turn proved Jorge was worth the risk of hiring even without Canadian experience.”

George’s expertise of the local market worked wonders for Jorge. “In the blink of an eye, George got things working for me. He knew exactly how to approach all aspects of my search.” As Jorge gained traction, George focused his coaching on interview preparation to ensure he was ready to communicate his strong achievement stories. That led to a much anticipated win.  

“When I received a job offer, George helped me navigate the offer and get what I deserved for my experience,” says Jorge. “I accepted the role at a technology company in brand management. Not too long into the job, I received a better offer at a different company. George coached me on the proper way to resign from the role.” After all the ups and downs of the search, Jorge is excited to start his new position at a large pharmaceutical corporation. “George brought out the best in me during this process. It was a great experience working with him.”

Jorge and his wife are grateful for all the assistance they received during their move. “It took a weight off our shoulders. My wife was calm and relaxed, even though we made such a big move,” Jorge comments. “She was able to focus on her new job without having to worry about everything else that is involved with moving. The relocation assistance made a real difference to my family.”

As others prepare for their global relocations, Jorge advises, “Take advantage of all the relocation benefits you receive. It will change the way you land in your new country. We are so fortunate for the assistance we received.” Now that the family has had time to adjust to life in Canada, they are looking forward to what is next. “It has been an exciting move. Canada is amazing. We’ll see how it goes this winter though!”

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