Want to Improve Team Dynamics? 7 Questions to Help You Maximize Your Talent

People are the number one resource needed for a company to drive initiatives and bring strategies to fruition. Yet, having a full staff doesn’t always guarantee success. The team dynamics are a major factor in overall success. Talent retention is important to the health of an organization, but keeping talent for the sake of numbers isn’t always the answer – especially when it’s at the price of innovation, thought leadership, and strategic growth.

Instead, focus on driving active and engaged teams that are tailored to your specific goals. This is how you’ll maximize your return on investment. Ask yourself these seven questions to ensure you are cultivating positive team dynamics and getting the most from each individual on your team:

1. Is my talent continuously growing, evolving, and engaging in department initiatives?

Forbes recently reported that 70% of employees aren’t engaged in their jobs. Increasing your engagement rate will lead to higher productivity, increased job satisfaction and less turnover.

2. Do I take the time to learn what my team members enjoy most about their job and wish to accomplish in the future?

When you know your employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and interests, you’ll be able to connect these qualities and further engage your employees.

3. Are there team members who need to be stretched further than others?

Healthy competition can help you build a better team. Don’t be afraid to challenge your staff with aggressive goals.

4. Do I consistently track employee engagement and trends to understand common issues, successes, and opportunities within my team?

Knowing why your employees are unhappy can help you fix problems before they happen. Giving them the direction and resources they need will also help productivity and morale.

5. Am I hiring placeholders to fill vacancies instead of waiting for the right fit?

Don’t waste your time training and developing an employee who isn’t the perfect fit just to fill an immediate need. Your team dynamics will thrive when you have the right people in the right seats.

6. Am I prepared to outplace talent who aren’t working out?

If you must eliminate positions, a strong severance package will help them take positive steps toward their next role. After the layoff, you can begin to build your ideal staff with people who are a better fit for your company’s goals.

7. Am I honest with myself about the fact that direct supervisors play the biggest role in determining if an employee will stay with a company. How does my management stack up?

Take a long hard look at your relationship with your team. Remember that supervisors play the biggest role in determining if an employee stays with a company. You lead the team dynamics. Make sure you’re fixing the real problems.

These simple, straightforward questions are designed to ensure that your entire team – from individual contributors to top-level management – bring purpose and value to your organization. It isn’t about the headcount or maintaining status quo; it’s about having an understanding of the strengths and unique skills that make your team dynamics complete.

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