People Development is Now a Leadership Imperative

Talent is scarce and getting more expensive. Without effective, emotionally intelligent leaders, you’ll never retain the talent you need to succeed.



People Development – Trade Old School Methods for New School Approach

When it comes to people development, corporations typically lean into programs that incorporate content-based learning through instructor-led workshops and online learning platforms. But do these methods for developing people generate results? Most experts say no. (You can view our survey results here.)

Content-rich, on-demand learning platforms may expose your talent to new and useful concepts. But knowledge doesnʼt equate to performance. That’s where coaching comes in.

How to Develop People & Leaders –
Go New School

The new school approach to people development incorporates two important components: action learning and coaching. Coaching is transformational. Organizations have seen the results. While other development methods impart knowledge, a coach puts learning into practice. In short, nothing matters if people donʼt convert new information into action. That’s why we believe you can transform your organization through performance coaching. See how M.J. Electric did just that with our leadership development programs. 

Learning isnʼt enough. Your investment is wasted if leaders donʼt convert new information into performance. Thatʼs where coaching comes in.

– Marcia Mueller, VP of Global Leadership Development at IMPACT Group

People Development Programs

Our people development services literally change the trajectory of people’s lives and companies’ performance.


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Coaching + Brain Science

Our leadership coaching programs incorporate brain-based learning principles and are inspired by research, including Goleman’s emotional intelligence, Hofstede’s dimensions of culture, Edmondson’s principles of psychological safety – as well as other compelling works.

Our Clients See Results

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