4 Tips to Reinvent Your Career

How to reinvent your career.

Looking to make a career change? Nothing says you have to stay in your ‘chosen’ career or industry.

A career change will require you to think differently. In the past, searching for and securing a job has depended mostly on your experience and education. Changing careers means you will need to think a bit more creatively about what you have to offer.

Use these 4 tips to help reinvent your career.

1. Reveal your hidden talents.

You may think the only talents you have are the skills you learned for your past career. Think again! Along the way, you have learned many other skills that may be a benefit for a career change. These are skills that were not a part of your job description but helped you be successful at your job. Perhaps you became an expert on public speaking or PowerPoint presentations, or perhaps you entertained clients while they were in town. These talents are seen as a side skill – something you do not receive a lot of recognition for – but they are considered transferable skills. Meaning, these skills will likely be needed in whatever career you choose.

2. Emphasise your communication skills.

Employers value good communication skills in any job. Highlight those on your CV/ résumé, pulling from your work history, and explain why the skills naturally qualify you for the new role you are seeking.

3. Share your passion.

If you are changing careers, you most likely have a passion to go along with it. Tell your story by including a narrative, either in your cover letter or in an interview, about why you ultimately decided on a change and why it is perfectly suited for you! Your passion will set you apart from other candidates.

4. Expand your network.

Keep your current contacts but make an effort to go outside of that circle to find people who are somehow invested in the industry you are changing to. Let your current connections know that you are changing careers and explain what positions you are looking for. Advertising this on your social branding sites will help you reach more people.

While doing all of this, focus on the fact that you are reinventing who you are in the job world. This may take some creative thinking and time. Remain determined to achieve your goal and know that you DO deserve to have that job! Your passion and dedication will be what drives you to a successful career change.

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