A fast start to your new career!

Now that you are settled in your new location it is time to work with your coach to prepare for your job search! Use our FastStart Checklist to get off to a great start with your career transition. Your career coach will partner with you to complete each item on the checklist. This will prepare you for the market and ensure a successful job search.

FastStart Checklist

Phase 1

  • Develop job search strategy. 
  • Write CV and cover letter.
  • Prepare 30-second “What’s my story?” elevator speech/intro for phone calls and interviews.
  • Get oriented to IMPAXIS™ (web-based tools for your career search). Sign up for workshops. 
  • Brainstorm contact list for getting reconnected. Create LinkedIn profile.
  • Set up organisation tool for contacts, target companies, ads and recruiters. 
  • Establish daily schedule/weekly schedule. 
  • Recruit 2-4 positive people who will serve as your advisors for your job search. 
  • Journal 15 minutes every day chronicling your feelings about the process.

Phase 2

  • Search IMPAXIS™ job portal for new materials and new job ads from the past 3 weeks. 
  • View networking contacts through LinkedIn and respond to ads and hiring managers. 
  • List 5-15 target companies and research networking contacts. 
  • Write telephone script to schedule meetings with target companies.
  • Phone and schedule 5 reconnect meetings for next week.
  • Connect with recruiters that specialise in your industry or functional expertise. 
  • Develop portfolio of achievement stories in preparation for interviewing.
  • Practise job interview questions and schedule interview simulation practice session with your coach.
  • Record accomplishments every day: informational meetings, ideas, job leads and thank you notes.
  • Consider alternative careers, such as leveraging your expertise for consulting or moving to a non-profit role.Meet with your coach and share your plans. Ask for advice, ideas and critiques.
  • Join IMPAXIS™ LinkedIn Group. Attend local networking groups.