Be an Interview Ninja Warrior in All-Day Interviews!

I love American Ninja Warriors. It is my favorite show. I watch for hours on end. Super fit men and women propelling themselves through an obstacle course filled with crazy physical requirements, like climbing 20-foot walls or tackling massive jungle climbs!

I wonder how these competitors hold on, how a human being can be so nimble and strong. Most of all, I wonder about the difference between those who make it through all the levels and those who fall off into the water halfway through.

Think of interviews as a ninja course. They require a lot of stamina, energy, and practice. Even short one-hour interviews require focus and preparation. But how do we prepare for those six-hour interview marathons, perhaps with a meal thrown in? That’s the big ninja obstacle course!

Here are some tips to become an Interview Ninja Warrior in daylong interviews:

Ninja Warriors prepare in advance.

  • Know the players and research them in advance. Get the schedule in advance and look everyone up on LinkedIn and Google. Send invitations to connect on LinkedIn, paving the way to building a relationship from the beginning.
  • Know what questions you want to ask each person.
  • Practice your response to “tell me about yourself” and other frequently asked questions.
  • What three things do you want them to know about you? What PAR (Problem – Action – Result) stories demonstrate those three things?

Ninja Warriors have a lot of stamina.

  • Work out to build strength. Eat well prior to the event so you are energized and strong.
  • Clear your head of all doubts and extraneous distractions. Meditate or practice power poses to put yourself in the right frame of mind.
  • Bring supplies. Don’t assume anything. Need caffeine? Bring some with you or you might get a headache. Bring some water, a small snack, or some fruit to keep your blood sugar stable. You want to have the same level of energy in the morning as in the late afternoon.

Ninja Warriors are confident.

  • Be aware of what is going on around you and who you are talking to.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and your most powerful clothes that make you feel confident. Consider your clothes to be your costume – every ninja warrior has a costume!
  • Treat each interview as a stand-alone interview with a beginning to warm up the other person, a middle, and an end to close as if this was the only interview of the day. It might be the other person’s only interview!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a bathroom break or something to drink.

Prepare for your next interview marathon with the passion, preparation, and stamina of an Interview Ninja Warrior and you are sure to make yourself proud!

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