Beyond your CV/résumé and cover letter: 4 ways to get noticed!

In our current age of technology, it may be necessary for you to go beyond the standard CV/résumé and cover letter to get yourself noticed by an employer. The job market has become increasingly competitive, meaning hundreds if not thousands of applications are submitted for a single job posting. It takes creativity to promote yourself and your personal brand in the best way possible. Go beyond your CV/résumé to get yourself noticed with these 4 ideas: 

1. LinkedIn. Many employers and recruiters use this platform to look for potential hires. LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the “traditional” methods of promoting yourself. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, create one. A good LinkedIn profile will only help your job search.

2. Twitter and Facebook. Once used only as social networks, these platforms, among others, are being used by employers to scout out employees now more than ever. Use these social tools to your advantage by presenting a professional image.  Keep a watch on the new platform, Facebook Live. This may end up being an invaluable branding tool, allowing you to broadcast your thoughts live on Facebook. Read our article “Facebook. Will it get you hired…or fired?” for tips on creating an appealing social media profile.

3. Blogs and personal websites.  These are a fantastic way to market yourself by displaying your skill set and promoting your knowledge of your industry. A well-designed blog or personal website makes a significant impact on a prospective employer. Update your site regularly to give employers greater insight into who you are, personally and professionally.

4. Out-of-the-box CVs or résumés. Depending on your industry, a unique CV/résumé may get you noticed in the crowd. An infographic CV/résumé uses artistic and creative methods to list information. This visual document lets images tell your story to employers. Fitting in with all the recent technological advances, a video CV/résumé is another creative way to apply for a job. Normally used as a supplement to a traditional CV/résumé, they are becoming more widely accepted by employers and they can be tailored to fit your needs.

Job searches may not be easy, but there are ways to go beyond traditional methods to grab the attention of potential employers. Don’t be afraid to do more than the norm! One of these ideas may be the edge you need to land the perfect job.