Coaching Leads to Confidence: Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly Divris had high expectations at the start of her coaching program. “A fellow relocating spouse found a job and started feeling better about herself and the move after working with IMPACT Group,” she says. “My head was spinning from managing the relocation and getting my family settled. She told me I should look into the resource.”

With their two kids and dog in tow, Kimberly and Chris relocated 1,465 miles when Chris’ company transferred their national headquarters to a new state. “It was a huge culture shock coming to Texas from California,” says Kimberly. “We lived one mile from the beach, so it was hard to adjust to not having the ocean nearby. And we did not anticipate how hot 106°F really is!” 

Kimberly’s first priority was her children, who are both in high school. “We chose to live in the Frisco area because the community is so dedicated to education.” As time went on and the kids fell into a new rhythm, Kimberly needed to turn her focus inward. “I stepped away from my career in the education field when my children were born. I was an active volunteer in their elementary schools and served on the PTA while they were growing up,” she comments. “I wanted to return to the workforce for me – for the emotional support and daily contact with others.” With a continuous love for learning, Kimberly desired to re-establish her career in education once again.

“The hardest part was knowing how to start my search and create a résumé. There’s plenty of advice online, but it’s hard to know what to believe,” Kimberly comments. “Sonia was key in highlighting my strengths.” Sonia Cerezo, a Career and Transition Coach at IMPACT Group, empowered Kimberly with the confidence she needed to go back to the professional world. “She was my personal cheerleader. She really understood my apprehension and my situation.” Together, they developed a plan to get Kimberly on a new path.   

“Sonia put me at ease during the entire process.” Kimberly struggled with believing she had something to offer employers. “We had great interview role playing sessions. This allowed me to walk into my interviews truly prepared with strong answers about my capabilities.” After just five applications, Kimberly landed a position as a Secretary to the Assistant Principal at one of the high schools in Frisco. “I’m excited to develop my professional self again.” 

The magnitude of their relocation was greater than Kimberly expected. “This move was made so much easier because of all the support my husband’s company provided. Working with Sonia is what propelled me and prepared me to launch my search. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.” For other moms seeking to return to the workforce, Kimberly advises to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. “Your volunteer experience means something to an employer. It shows you are motivated and a self-starter. As an employee, I’m supportive, flexible, and creative – and these are all things I learned being a mother of two.”

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