Doubt LinkedIn’s Effect on Your Job Search? Jessica Doesn’t

At the start of her outplacement program, Jessica Darrett had one objective in mind: find her dream job. “I was not going to accept anything less,” says Jessica, who has excelled in a 10-year career in human resources. With the support of IMPACT Group and her career coach, she was able to do just that.

Jessica first experienced the world of HR during an internship program at Metropolitan Transit Authority in Houston. “From then on, I knew I wanted to be a business major and specifically pursue HR.” After obtaining an MBA, her career advanced through roles in retail, oil and energy, healthcare, and software industries. “My focus is to help businesses thrive by aligning their business needs with human capital excellence. It’s important to invest in the vision of an organization and transfer that belief to the employees.”

“Not until working with Regina did I realize I was not fully capitalizing LinkedIn and its wonderful benefits.”

After a downsizing at Jessica’s organization, she worked one-on-one with Regina Moser, a Career Consultant at IMPACT Group.

Together, Jessica and Regina created a clear path toward achieving her goal of finding her dream job. This included revamping her LinkedIn profile. “I thought I was a pro with LinkedIn, but I had only used it passively to search for open positions. I learned how important it is to actively participate in discussions and make key connections to advance my LinkedIn network.”

When a recruiter presented Jessica and another candidate to a potential employer, the other candidate was immediately eliminated from the running because he didn’t have a LinkedIn profile. Jessica was selected for a phone interview based on her LinkedIn presence.

“Through my coaching sessions with Regina, I learned how to apply my knowledge and abilities during an interview to show how I would benefit the company.” These techniques enabled Jessica to secure her dream job as a corporate trainer and adjunct instructor at a community college. She delivers training in employee engagement, career development, and anti-harassment / discrimination.

“I would advise others going through a career transition to stay persistent in their search and to not be afraid to explore different career options,” says Jessica.

“IMPACT Group provided me with all the support I needed to find the job I always wanted but didn’t know how to get.”

Professionally and personally, Jessica is committed to empowering individuals so they can realize and develop their inner potential.

Her passion lies in enhancing the strengths and abilities of youth in her area. She partnered with two of her cousins to establish a non-profit organization, Isaiah’s Hope Foundation, to serve underprivileged youth in Houston. “We provide an after school program for the teens living at Star of Hope Shelter. I enjoy leading lessons on important life skills. I know the teens can succeed with educational development programs.”

Take a tip from Jessica – when was the last time you updated your profile? LinkedIn is a powerful piece of any job search. Click here for IMPACT Group’s advice on standing out in your profile.