Enhance Your Career During Your International Assignment

Most international assignments typically last 2-3 years. If your spouse or partner is the one who has been assigned, you may be considering your options for the next few years. Now may be the right time to pursue alternative options for your career or creative ways to enhance your career while in a foreign country.

Relocating to a new country is, of course, a life changing event. It can also be a career changing event. Have you always thought of transitioning to a new industry or even starting your own business? Now may be the perfect time to do it! Your IMPACT Group Coach can offer you guidance and many resources to help you decide if a new career or entrepreneurship is a viable option for you.

This transition time is also a perfect time to learn new skills or further your education. Perhaps there are valuable skills that are necessary for your current career that will enhance your CV / resume. There are many online learning modules to pick from. Some are free and some will offer you a certificate upon completion, but all will look good on your CV / resume. 

Another skill that looks great to an employer is learning a new language, which takes courage and determination. It also shows that you have the ability to adapt and thrive in new situations. To become fluent in another language means you will need to immerse yourself in your new culture. Take this opportunity to become an expert in that culture. Being intimately familiar with different cultures may play a part in advancing your career as the business world becomes increasingly more global-minded.  

Also, take every opportunity you can to network. Intentionally seeking out people who work in your field will help you form a personal global network, which will lead to more opportunities, support and job leads.  

If you decide not to work during your relocation but plan on continuing your career at a later time, there are multiple ways to close the gaps in your CV or resume. Speak with your career coach today to discover all the possibilities that await you in your new country!