Why Should I Reignite My Stagnant Career?

Find yourself wondering, “Why should I reignite my stagnant career?”

Perhaps you have a pretty good job. When people ask about your job, you don’t have much to complain about. After all, the company is well established and offers great benefits. You take home a regular paycheck to cover your bills. Except, you still feel like something is missing. Your career feels stagnant and you are not growing. You know you could be doing so much more, but you have no idea where to begin.

Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. In fact, a mere 34% of Americans say they are enthusiastic about and committed to their job. The reality is, you feel comfortable and your job is giving you everything you need on the surface. Why would you even think about changing careers or looking for new opportunities? The answer is, when it is time to reignite your stagnant career, you are not even close to maximizing your true potential. You no longer feel challenged, and you don’t even know what you are capable of.

Ten years ago, I was in a similar situation.

I had a job I couldn’t complain about. It provided me with a good income and had great benefits. I was working for a well-known company in Los Angeles that created special effects for film and feature animation. My work wasn’t as exciting as it sounds though; I was simulating crowds and adding secondary elements to the shots.

I thought it would be nice to work on a main visual effect of the movie – the giant tornado. But I didn’t want to work for 12+ hour days and weekends to make it happen. So, I stuck to my usual small and low demanding workload. I did my best with what I was given, and I never asked for anything more. Only years later, when I got laid off, I was ready to be serious about finding a way to reignite my stagnant career.

Why is it important to start now in order to reignite your stagnant career?

Why start now, when our economy is thriving and it’s hard to think about the possibility of losing your job due to downsizing? I don’t want to scare you with this information – but I do know that during layoffs, people who are comfortable and aren’t growing in their careers are the ones who usually get cut.

When your career becomes stagnant and you are not growing in your role, you also start losing value to your employer. Every company that wants to evolve needs employees who are evolving with it. This is what makes our economy thrive on a larger scale. But, most importantly, don’t do this for your company… do it for you. You deserve a prosperous, fulfilling career where you can be a lifelong learner, flourishing as you move forward. It is not about money, success, or feeling accomplished. It is about living up to your full potential. That would make your career truly remarkable!

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