Set Your Relocation Priorities in 5 Key Areas

Relocations affect all aspects of your life. Whether you move with one dog or six children, there are countless things to consider. To make your move more manageable, determine what your main priorities are early on in your relocation. Over decades of working with relocating families, we have found priority setting is highly valuable to ensure a successful transition for everyone. Once you find clarity on what is truly important to you, your decisions will become easier. 

In our experience, relocation needs can be broken down into 5 key areas. Below are tips for determining what is most important in each area to build a new life you and your family will enjoy. 

1. Relationships
The people we love play a vital role in our happiness and well being. Is it critical for you to be close to your family and friends? Is making friends in your new home a top necessity? Does it need to be relatively easy and affordable to visit friends in the old location? Moving is a significant event that will cause shifts in your relationships. Take time to consider how you will maintain and establish new bonds.   

2. Lifestyle 
Many of the decisions you make during your relocation will revolve around your new lifestyle. In order to be happy in your new life, you should decide which activities you cherish, which pastimes you’ll pursue, and how you will take care of yourself. Health and wellness, education, eldercare, pets, spiritual life, recreation, and entertainment are a few examples. Weigh each area to determine which one is of the utmost importance for you to find comfort and happiness in your new location.

3. Location 
A community’s options for housing, culture, environment, and transportation will all affect your life in many ways. Safety, comfort, and happiness in your new house could make or break your overall experience. Would you like to buy or rent? Is location crucial? Do you want to be close to your new office or public transportation? Sit down with your family to decide exactly what you want in your new home before you start looking.  

4. Finance and Legal 
Finances and legal matters are perhaps the most stressful aspects in a person’s life, relocating or otherwise. Changes in your financial situation and the cost of living in the new community can leave you with some budget adjustments to make. Is the cost of living more or less than your current location? Are you aware of the banking options in your new city? Will you buy or rent? These decisions, and even minor financial details, need to be addressed to ensure a successful – and less stressful – relocation. 

5. Career
Whether you’re relocating for a job opportunity or will be seeking a job in the new location, your career is likely a central element of your new life. As you look for a new job, these questions may come to mind: Will you consider the reputation of the company? Do you value opportunities for training and mentorship? Is salary a driving factor? Gain clarity on your must-haves in a new position to find the best fit for you.

My best advice to anyone going through relocation is simple: set your priorities first, then allow those priorities to guide your decision-making process. This will make every phase of the transition smoother and less stressful. When you know what you want, you have the power to go get it. And when your household all agrees or understands what is important to each other, you can support each other more effectively during the transition.