Want to be Your Own Boss? We Have a Coach for That

Innovation and technology are driving a new workplace, leading to more opportunities and resources for people who want to go into business for themselves. New startup businesses significantly increased in 2015. As a response to this trend, job search solutions must provide flexibility to meet not only the needs of traditional job seekers – those who want to stay in the same type of role within the same industry – but also individuals looking to pave their own path in the business world.

“We work with a variety of entrepreneurs – including those who are starting a small business from the ground up, creating a consulting business, or purchasing a franchise,” says Jim Wojtak, IMPACT Group’s resident entrepreneur specialist. He recognized the growing need to provide career coaching for entrepreneurs, so Jim enhanced his skills with small business administration courses through the St. Louis SCORE Group and certifications from My Own Business, Inc. IMPACT Group assists 100+ entrepreneurs each year.

“I help clients determine if their idea is feasible. Then we discuss if they want it to be a business or a hobby.” Once the goal is established, Jim coaches the individual through the 15-step business planning process using the My Own Business, Inc. Guide. A strong business plan details what the business purports to do, who the key players are, why the market needs the business, and what type of sales and financial returns are expected.

Some aspiring entrepreneurs think, “I don’t need to write a business plan. I’m not seeking financing, partners, or investors.” But this process helps individuals clearly envision their goal and refine their model to meet it. It also establishes the viability of the business concept. “A few challenges facing entrepreneurs include picking the right business for them and financially supporting the business,” says Jim. “Most small businesses are started with personal savings.”

Transferring a business takes plenty of coaching, too. “The individuals often have to take a step back to remember how they grew the business initially. Then they can build a plan for marketing to clients in the new area.” Jim works with his clients to determine which avenues they should use to promote the business once transferred. “Customized research supplements the business planning process. We provide research and information on evaluating the market place and the competition, establishing product/service fees, registering a business based on state laws, and marketing the business.”

Jim has assisted clients with opening unique businesses over his 13-year career as a Senior Career Consultant. A few include the Tush Cush (a customized golf cart seat cushion), Funnybone Toys (innovative and interactive games for businesses), and The Healthy Chocolate Lady (chocolates that promote weight loss).

“I always advice entrepreneurs to consider the commitment it takes to start a business,” Jim comments. “Most want to get away from the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday. I tell them it usually becomes the 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. workday!” He also encourages clients to find something they are passionate about, knowing that will enhance the success of their business. “I tell them to have fun with it! It gives them a chance to be their own boss. That is what my past clients love the most.”

Nontraditional – and traditional – job seekers are always welcome at IMPACT Group! We want to coach your outplaced employees and transferees’ loved ones to career success, no matter the career path they choose. Contact us today to be the difference in their job searches.