Winning Partnership for Small Business Success

Entrepreneurship is on the rise as innovation and technology drive a new workplace. This is leading to more opportunities and resources for people who
want to go into business for themselves.

IMPACT Group is excited to partner with My Own Business Institute (MOBI) and Santa Clara University
to empower our participants as they establish a small business. Founded in 1992 by Phil & Peggy Holland, MOBI is the world’s leading provider of
online education for entrepreneurs. They offer comprehensive online courses covering key areas of starting a business.

“This partnership offers IMPACT Group participants a more personalized approach to business planning through a customized web portal,” says Jim Wojtak, an IMPACT Group Career Coach and resident entrepreneur specialist. “It features step-by-step instructions in business
planning and tools to measure course progress. IMPACT Group added additional resources, including state-by-state business registration tools, access
to Small Business Administration (SBA) resources and SCORE counseling, marketing ideas for small businesses, and a personalized certificate and digital
badge upon course completion.”

At the end of the course, participants will have a complete business plan. “This takes our services to a higher level of support and guidance for the individuals
we serve. It combines expert coaching from an IMPACT Group career coach with the strong record of success from MOBI as well as the Center for Entrepreneurship
and Innovation at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University,” Jim shares.

MOBI’s popular online courses teach both new entrepreneurs how to start a business and experienced entrepreneurs how to grow a business. Through video,
audio, and text, participants learn how to pick a business, finance it, build clientele, and create a successful team. Both English and Spanish language
courses are available.

“Each year, IMPACT Group works with a variety of entrepreneurs – including those who are starting a small business from the ground up, creating a consulting
business, or purchasing a franchise,” comments Jim. Close to 10% of our participants are self-employed. Of those:

  • 77% own their own business.
  • 66% report the small business is the participant’s sole source of income.

Through MOBI, thousands of professionals have earned a certification of completion and their alumni network spans 63 countries. To learn more about online
business courses from MOBI, click here.

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