Aditi Gokhale – Risk Taking & Resilience


Aditi Gokhale is the Chief Commercial Officer and President of Investments, Products & Services at Northwestern Mutual

In this episode Lauren and Aditi discuss:

Challenges and rewards of taking risks in your career

Importance of standing up for and advocating for yourself

Leveraging diversity to move corporations and initiatives forward

Building visibility outside of your immediate area due to COVID-19

Leading by example through openness and honesty

Key takeaways:

It’s important to have corporate visibility to achieve exposure and receive promotions.

Play to your strengths when taking calculated risks.

Confidence is key – talking yourself into a situation first instead of out of it is huge to navigating your career.

Having a network and community of champions across your enterprise is critical to achieving success and may lead to a recommendation for a role that you are pursuing.

Use both formal and informal networks to improve visibility – connect with individuals informally that are like-minded and have the same interests.

You don’t have to conform to a specific stereotype, you can bring your authentic self to the workplace.

Take risks – it’s okay to fail but learn throughout the process.” – Aditi Gokhale

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