Tap into the Power of Women Business Leaders to Grow Your Organization

Find out why our Women in Leadership™ program works, and why others fall short.

Women Business Leaders Make the Difference

More Women Business Leaders Means More Satisfied Workers & Bigger Returns

Increasing women business leaders is the key to diverse leadership and more robust business results.

The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) found that more men report being satisfied with their jobs when they work at organizations with more female executives versus men who work at companies with fewer women in top roles.

According to Catalyst, companies with more women executives see a 46% higher Return on Equity, 60% higher Return on Invested Capital and 84% higher Return on Sales.

We can’t think of a more solid investment strategy than investing in women leaders. But make sure your investment counts.  Here’s how: Engage with IMPACT Group to roll out your Women in Leadership™ coaching program, based on our proven model.


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The Recipe for More Women Business Leaders:
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Develop Women Leaders with This Proven Coaching Program

Women Business Leaders

Most organizations suffer from too few women leaders. The lack of women business leaders isn’t just unfortunate; it’s bad business.

Research is clear that more diverse executive teams drive better performance. By identifying current and future high-potential women leaders and coaching them to leverage strengths and develop new capabilities, your company will see dramatic results.

Often organizations invest in women leadership programs and their development dollars are wasted.  Why?  Because many of these programs involve only the women, and not their leaders. Programs fail if they are based on the assumption that women aren’t rising to the top because they are inherently deficient in their business acumen or leadership skills as compared to their male counterparts.  Many programs – if they are aimed at making women more like men – are a waste of time.

IMPACT Group’s proven approach is very different.

We essentially offer a leadership development program that enrolls women – but also involves their bosses (typically a mix of mostly men and some women). Our Women in Leadership™ coaching program applies our three-part career accelerator model. One-on-one coaching and a tailored development plan empower each woman to reach her full potential and influence.

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Hear What Program Participants Have to Say

I had a wonderful experience with an even more wonderful coach. I learned a lot about myself and ways to overcome fears and focus on areas of improvement. I would not have gotten my new role without the exposure that this program gave me.


I was delighted to be considered for this program but was a little wary about how it could help me develop. I could not be more wrong. The course encouraged us to evaluate our own strengths and areas for improvement, as well as how to be visible in a male-dominated environment.


I believe the Women in Leadership program has opened many more discussions about how women progress through the business. I think the managers involved have benefitted and I know the women have. I am convinced it is an effective way to challenge the current situation for the better.

Gender Diversity Assessment Workbook


Ready to Address Gender Diversity on Your Leadership Teams?
This Workbook is for You.

We Coach Women to Recognize & Enhance 3 Core Areas

Our Program Guides Women to Enhance Their Personal Effectiveness, Business Acumen & Corporate Visibility

Women Business Leaders Career Accelerators

In other words, we work on issues that are essential for all emerging leaders. However, the experience is quite different in that the female-only group discussions reflect the shared experiences of women. Through cohort coaching circles, women build a strong network of people with a shared understanding and similar goals. They are able to encourage and challenge one another as they discuss best practices, tips and tools.

Most important, the women’s managers and company’s senior leaders play a key role in the program. Male leaders are visibly investing their energy and time to develop these current and future women leaders. The women get to see executive sponsorship and support in action.  It’s not about each woman – on her own – fighting her way to the top.  It’s about a team of women leaders who have the support of male and female executives showing them the way.

As a second-generation, woman-owned business, IMPACT Group takes women’s development personally. We’ve developed leaders through our Women-in-Leadership program to cohorts all around the world. Whether delivered in-person or virtually, we will work with you on a program that your team will be able to readily execute, scale and measure.


A Critical Move for Your Succession Pipeline & Women in Leadership™

With the Women in Leadership™ program, you will:

  • Invest in high-potential women. Position high-potential female talent for growth at your organization.
  • Increase effectiveness of current women leaders. Engage current female leaders to maximize their reach.
  • Accelerate career development. Foster opportunities for women to strengthen their skills and increase their corporate exposure.
  • Support business success. Build a gender-balanced workforce, tapping the full potential of women in support of business success.

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How It Works

  • Individualized one-on-one coaching
  • One-on-one coaching for participants’ managers
  • Individual development plan
  • Access to self-assessment tools, such as 180° career accelerator, MBTI or Birkman Method®
  • Senior leadership support opportunities
  • Optional onsite kick-off and wrap-up events
  • Cohort learning experiences with virtual coaching circles on key topics related to women’s development

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