A Tale of Skepticism and Transformation: Peter’s Story

Corporate relocations often mean a split home for families during the initial stages. Barbara and Peter McCumber found themselves in this predicament as they managed competing responsibilities. Barbara arrived in West Virginia to start her role and house hunt while Peter remained in North Carolina to sell their home. Right away, Barbara engaged with their IMPACT Group transition coach, Roxanne Gilgallon, to locate such things as healthcare providers and community resources. She greatly benefited from the integration assistance and felt Peter should explore the job search support Roxanne could provide him.

His Skepticism About Transition Coaching

“I was scolded when my wife found out I was not participating,” Peter laughs. After some initial skepticism, he followed up with Roxanne to appease his wife. He honestly shares, “I did not believe the service was something I would find useful. We have moved before and I felt between the internet and past experience, this would be a smooth process. As it turns out, I was in need of the full range of transition services offered.”

With a background in management within the healthcare industry, Peter’s career encompassed smaller and locally owned companies. Adjusting to the differences in corporate hiring was an unforeseen challenge for him. “Ms. Gilgallon offered me insightful explanations of modern business practices. She also skillfully created a new résumé, which was a valuable part of the program.”

Along with the tangible things Roxanne provided – professional résumé, job search strategies, federal application guidance, and interviewing tips – her mentorship kept him moving forward. “Being thrust back into the role of applicant at an unexpected time and age in my life, Ms. Gilgallon offered sage counsel and a steady hand as I arrived at the new location.” Her timely follow-ups and gentle prompts steered Peter to stay the course, even when he experienced setbacks.

“My coach epitomized the goal-oriented, customer service-driven professional that every company claims they have working for them. IMPACT Group certainly has it in Ms. Gilgallon.”

The Results of Transition Coaching

“The depth of the services offered to us exceeded my expectations!” Peter exclaims. “The timely, verified information we received allowed Barbara to focus on the onboarding process at her new office. It saved her time and removed stress and distractions,” Peter comments, believing that organizations end up benefiting greatly when relocating employees receive services such as integration and spouse job search support. He goes on to share, “For us, it mitigated concerns and supported a smoother transition, which makes the employee a more valuable colleague and allows them to provide quicker ROI.”

Peter recently completed an Associate Degree in Environmental Sciences and continues to focus on his job search. Recognizing that networking is Peter’s sweet spot, Roxanne encourages him to engage in the community and recommends ways for him to connect. “Employment will come with a face-to-face conversation with the right person at the right time,” Peter believes. In the meantime, they are settling into their new life well in West Virginia. “Ms. Gilgallon made the move easier by providing a caring concern and prompt response to our needs. This was a remarkable benefit we received from the relocation package.”