Customer Stories: Evelina Cohn

The Cohns recently planted fruit trees on their acre of land in the countryside of Virginia. Soon chickens will join the family. “It is beautiful here. We enjoy the view”, says Evelina Cohn. When we left Pennsylvania, my daughter said she wasn’t leaving. Now, my daughter likes the country.

Evelina, her husband, and her adult, special-needs daughter have made five moves across the U.S. and Canada. Each move presented different challenges for the family. Moves are so difficult. When we moved from Texas to Tennessee, it took two months to find permanent housing. It is hard to be in between homes like that.

Relocation assistance eased the process.

Prior to her most recent move, she had never received relocation assistance. When her husband accepted a position with a new company, she was thrilled to find out IMPACT Group would provide career and integration support. Evelina has been working one-on-one with her consultant, Roxanne Gilgallon, throughout the process.

“Roxanne’s assistance has been wonderful,” says Evelina. “I am more focused, I have a plan, and I’ve received a lot of resources. I usually have multiple projects going at once, and Roxanne keeps me on track. I feel really good.”

Evelina’s tips for others relocating: “It is very stressful, so take advantage of relocation assistance and services to make the move go smoother. And remember to take it easy during the process.”

It’s never too early to search for special services in the new area.

Her adult daughter, who has special needs, is blooming in the new area. She is involved at a skill development center near their house, where she is learning to cook and enjoys socializing with her peers.

“Each time we moved, we had to find different resources and programs for our daughter. It takes a long time to wait for funding.” Evelina advises families who are relocating with special needs children or adults to start looking for services early. “A lot of times, there are long wait lists. Start the process early. And keep your child engaged with the family and in different community events.” Her daughter’s schedule is now busy with a Bible study group, soccer games, skill training classes, and social events.

A targeted job search plan.

Along with her one-on-one coaching with Roxanne, Evelina received career resources and an updated résumé for her job search. “They took my four-page résumé and created a document that is much more concentrated and focused.”

Evelina started a non-profit organization in Pennsylvania that focused on raising funds for multiple sclerosis. “Science has always been a passion of mine,” she comments. Through this organization, she conducted research, worked to establish partnerships with companies, and wrote grants. She is exploring options to transfer the business to Virginia while working with Roxanne to create a targeted job search plan for finding a research scientist role.

The new area is now home.

When they aren’t enjoying the beauty around their tranquil home, the Cohn family loves being outdoors, from hiking to visiting the beach. Evelina is working up the courage to tackle her fear of biking soon.

“We hope this will be where we stay,” says Evelina, who is happy to be settled outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. She is finding everything her family needs in the local area, making their new place truly feel like home.