Customer Stories: Tripti Someshwar

A story of career rediscovery.

Relocations can be the perfect time to rediscover yourself. “My move to Hong Kong launched the opportunity for me to advocate for others. I am connecting my legal background with my experience working with disabled individuals,” says Tripti Someshwar. An India native, she recently relocated to Hong Kong with her husband and school-age daughter. She used the experience to reinvent her career.

Creating a Career Path for Her New Passion

What started as a vocation in law transitioned to a passion for working with special needs children. “I practiced law for years. Then my marriage took me to a different city in India.” There, Tripti’s neighbor encouraged her to volunteer at her child’s school. “This was a defining moment in my life. I realized I enjoyed working with children and wanted to get qualified to teach,” she says.

Tripti began working with young adults with special needs. She co-founded Relionability, an organization focused on mainstreaming young adults with special needs into society. Relionability provides job training for clients and promotes the acceptance of disabled individuals in the workplace.

“Hong Kong was our first international move. I was glad we had IMPACT Group’s relocation support throughout the transition.” Tripti wasn’t sure which direction her career would go in the new city. She was grateful for the advice and support she received from her dedicated career and integration consultant, Iris Kloth. “I had ideas on what I wanted to work on in Hong Kong, and Iris was the catalyst who got the process started. I now know the career path I need to take,” says Tripti. “I am completing an online course in Globalization and Human Rights. This will help me in my advocacy efforts.”

Building a Network

Iris also connected Tripti to like-minded people in the new city. “Through Iris’ contacts, I was able to meet others in the special needs sector. I now advocate to ensure special needs children receive better provisions in school.”

Tripti sees positive steps being taken in Hong Kong to assist individuals with disabilities. She believes there is more awareness of the need for good education for children with special needs. “The Equal Opportunities Committee is working toward building a stronger inclusive school system,” she comments. More steps are needed to bridge the gap between skill and job requirements for adults with special needs. Tripti hopes her advocacy efforts will shed more light on the issue.

Integrating into a New City

“Settling into Hong Kong was easy for me thanks to the spousal support I received from Iris. She encouraged me to think differently and be more open to new ideas,” says Tripti. She attended IMPACT Community Connections, an IMPACT Group sponsored event to network with other expatriates in Hong Kong. “The atmosphere was casual, and I spoke with everyone in the group. It was inspiring to know what the other women were doing.”

Tripti enjoys how convenient and accommodating Hong Kong is for her family. “It’s truly an expat city. I have met people from many nationalities.” She encourages others making an international move to be open to new ideas along the way. “Enjoy the experience. Look at the relocation as an opportunity to reinvent yourself.”

Thank you, Tripti, for advocating for others and allowing IMPACT Group to play a part in this!