Empower Employees with a More Powerful Launch During Downsizing

Downsizing is a hard reality for businesses and employees. Outplacement services can transform these difficult times. One-to-one career coaching is the best way to provide tailored job search support. But it might not be the right fit for every profession or a reality for every budget. Group workshops are another option to empower exiting employees, maintain productivity, and protect a company’s hard-earned brand and reputation.

“Offering outplacement services makes a positive statement to exiting employees. It shows that your company cares about them and wants them to quickly move forward in their career,” says Bridget Quinn Kadolph, Vice President of Business Solutions, Central Region at IMPACT Group. “And it can be vital in maintaining employee morale and a positive brand reputation for your company.”

Timing is key during a downsizing.

Exiting employees will have immediate concerns after their notification. The notice might come weeks or months before their last day, and placing essential information in their hands early on prepares them for a stronger liftoff. “We facilitate workshops up to 90 days before the division, site, or plant closes. These workshops serve as a springboard to create a targeted job search and provide participants with a great résumé, networking tips, and resources for uncovering open leads in the community.” This support keeps employees engaged in their work while giving them hope for quick success in the future.

Attendance is higher when support is offered before an employee’s last day. A group workshop typically encompasses a one-day, eight-hour session. The workshop can also be two four-hour sessions to maintain workloads and production at the site. “We want stakeholders to focus on the here and now – closing the facility or transferring workloads – knowing their employees are being taken care of.”

Group workshops promote valuable learning exchanges.

“Group workshops are maximized when employees with similar skills and job functions are placed together,” says Bridget. This enables facilitators to provide targeted resources and job search support based on the employees’ level, skill set, and profession.

“Attendance is capped at 15 so employees feel comfortable asking questions and engaging with each other as well as the facilitator,” comments Bridget. “Small group sizes promote communication and interaction. This is valuable as participants learn about preparing a résumé, interviewing, and negotiating salary offers. We encourage them to be open with their questions and concerns.”

Job search support levels the playing field for redeployments.

When Fortune 500 companies downsize, there might be hundreds of openings in other areas of the organization. Redeployment assistance is a great situation for group workshops. Customized sessions cover how to prepare for internal interviews in a new department and with a manager the employee does not know.

“It levels the playing field between the employees since they are all provided the same foundational advice and coaching,” says Michelle Morettini, Manager of Outplacement Services at IMPACT Group. “This helps the company make a sound decision on which individual will be the best fit for the role.”

When you are forced to eliminate a team of five or a plant of 500, partner with a career transition expert to create a positive future for your employees and your company. IMPACT Group’s outplacement solutions will help your employees manage difficult changes and embrace the road ahead. Contact us today to learn more!