Investing in Employees to Create the Best Internal Job Candidates?

What new positions will open up at your company this year? Will new business deals cause you to create new roles? How much has been budgeted for investing in employees?

Jobvite’s recent Recruiter Nation Survey states that recruiters find their best candidates among internal employees, making internal transfers the number one way to source high-quality candidates. Employee referrals comes in as number two. With that in mind, how are you investing in employees to ensure your internal candidates are the best candidates for new openings? Below are three questions to empower you to unlock your employees’ potential and ensure long-term success at your organization.

1. Do your employees’ strengths measure up to your company’s key values and competencies?

By having an employee compare their performance and skills to a standard that has been set by your organization, they will have buy-in on what areas they want to improve. This opens up a healthy dialogue for you to work through areas of strengths and potential areas of improvement together. Instead of telling an employee what they need to work on, help them to determine where they want to grow within the company. This primes them for future openings, proving that investing in employees has a long-term ROI.

2. Do you know the next step your employee would like to take at your company?

Ensure your employees aren’t siloed into a specific department by opening opportunities for cross-functional collaboration. This is a great way for employees to explore areas they enjoy or discover new strengths. Let this information guide a discussion about what challenges and projects your employees want to tackle. Furthermore, use this as a guide for determining what investing in employees will look like for your organization.

3. Do you know how investing in employees will prepare them for the future of your company?

There’s a quote that has circled LinkedIn:

“CFO: What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us? CEO: What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”
(Peter Baeklund)

“Investing in one leader has a multiplying effect,” says Marcia Mueller, Vice President of Global Leadership Development at IMPACT Group. “They have the ability to impact and enhance the performance and lives of all the people they supervise at the company. The more successful leaders are the more successful the company will be.”

She goes on to share, “Offering training is not the point. Where you see the best results is when a program is tailored to a company’s culture, competencies, and mission. That’s when training has the most impact.” Ensure your talent can leverages skills and competencies with tailored development programs.

Each professional development opportunity prepares employees for their next job, and with the statistic from Jobvite’s survey, that next job could very well be with YOU. Continue learning to discover more talent trends and best practices.

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