Leader Development: New Approach Combines Coaching with Online Learning to Boost Retention

While manager behavior remains a key driver of employee turnover, effective leader development stands out as a powerful remedy. Whether employees are “quiet quitting” or formally resigning, company leaders have the power to boost employee engagement and create an environment that encourages them to stay.

Leaders at any level can earn the “bad boss” label due to avoidable missteps like poor communication, micromanagement, and lack of employee recognition. However, by leveraging an optimal blend of coaching and online learning tools, you can take a fresh approach to leader development and achieve a host of positive benefits in your organization.

The Case for Leader Development

Poor management can push employees one step closer to leaving. In a GoodHire survey, 82% of people said they would consider quitting because of a bad manager. Unfortunately, those who stay may simply be biding their time. A recent Harris Poll found that 69% of employees with a “toxic manager” (e.g., one who micromanagers, gives preferential treatment, sets unreasonable expectations, is unapproachable, etc.) plan to quit as soon as the economy improves.

Innovative leader development gives managers the tools to correct these toxic and counterproductive behaviors. It can also equip managers to make improvements in other areas that affect employee retention, including career advancement and work-life balance.

With effective training and development for frontline managers, you can achieve the following:

  • Better retention: Employees will begin to see their managers as beneficial vs. detrimental to their happiness and performance at work. As a result, they will be less motivated to leave.
  • Culture improvements: As managers begin to communicate with transparency and empathy, they cultivate a culture of mutual respect and trust.
  • Higher engagement and morale: Strong managers inspire their team and motivate employees to give their best effort.
  • Enhanced team performance: Managers who model positive behaviors and performance encourage it in their team.

How a Mix of Online Learning and Coaching Develops Leaders at Every Level

Leader development activities commonly include a mix of coaching, mentorship, and formal training. According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), 77% of organizations offer people development programs to current and future leaders, with online learning being the most common delivery method. However, providing development experiences that change manager mindset and behavior can be challenging, especially when you need to reach every leadership level. Additionally, relying too heavily on online learning has its drawbacks. In a recent IMPACT Group study, 63% of talent leaders said keeping learners engaged in online content was challenging.

Thankfully, you can now affordably level up your organization’s leadership capability and bring impactful learning experiences to every leader – including frontline and first-time managers. Scalable coaching by IMPACT Group delivers 30-minute microcoaching experiences in tandem with curated LinkedIn Learning® content. Throughout an eight-week session, managers participate in online guided activities and work one-on-one with a professional coach.

The combination of coaching and online learning supports the development of a strong coaching culture. It takes managers from merely exercising authority to adopting a “manager as coach” mindset. They communicate better, lead by example, and have the skills to help direct reports perform to their potential.

As managers practice and hone their newfound skills, your organization can realize additional benefits, including:

  • Improved business performance: According to the Human Capital Institute, organizations with a strong coaching culture are almost twice as likely to be classified as high-performing organizations (54%) than those without a coaching culture (29%).
  • Manager retention: Like other employees, managers value development and learning, and are more likely to stay with an employer that provides it.
  • Continuous leadership improvement: Training existing managers builds momentum and creates a flywheel of strong leadership throughout the organization.

Boost Leader Development with the Optimal Coaching/Training Combo

Combining customized microcoaching with online learning can achieve better results than with online learning alone. Learners are more engaged and receive professional coaching support to overcome real-world challenges.

Ready to discover the difference? Explore our Link Learn Coach™ solution. Finally, you can provide effective coaching and development experiences to all company leaders at an affordable price point. Download our program brochure to learn more.

Note: LinkedIn Learning® is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation. Link Learn Coach™ is a trademark of IMPACT Group.