Yogi Entrepreneur Discovers New Career Possibilities: Kirtan’s Story

Kirtan Smith’s early life was influenced by yoga. Born in Los Angeles, he took his first trip to India at age 6 and later returned for a year of intensive yogic studies at an Ashram. As a teenager, he lived on a farm community in Sequoia National Park, where his love for the outdoors and nature blossomed. This love transformed into a career in yoga therapy.

While training in Brazil, Kirtan led jungle hikes and ocean kayak tours on a remote tropical island. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? After a few years in paradise, Kirtan moved to New York City in 2009 and established his own Yoga business.

“It was extremely helpful to have a career coach’s assistance during my recent move,” Kirtan says. Relocations are complicated enough, but the added layer of transferring a small business compounded the stress. He was engrossed in creating a plan to market his practice, The Content Soul, while searching for a place to live all the way across the country in San Francisco. Cynthia Bucy, Senior Career Coach at IMPACT Group, served as Kirtan’s champion throughout the process.

“If not for Cynthia, who knows how we would have gotten settled. In some jumbled form I imagine!” Pressing needs pulled Kirtan’s attention in multiple directions as he managed logistics of the relocation, while his fiancé was overwhelmed with her new role. He and Cynthia engaged in multiple coaching sessions on business planning. “Having a knowledgeable, patient, and kind person to walk me through the process was a tremendous help. My favorite part of the program was knowing I had a talented coach to help me out at any time.”

“This was one of the easiest moves I have made thanks to the relocation benefits my fiance’s company provided. I have relocated four times without assistance. Those moves were much more difficult.”

Moving back to his home state opened up a new possibility for his business. “San Francisco is known for its tech companies that invest in employee wellness. This is the perfect place to expand my practice to corporate rejuvenation.” Kirtan worked closely with Cynthia to prepare marketing materials, update his website, and enhance his résumé. “One of my main projects was creating a flyer for corporations and HR professionals to promote the new program,” Kirtan comments. “Cynthia was a huge help – from rewriting content to suggesting layout options. She was always available during that lengthy process.”

No stranger to relocating, Kirtan shares, “This was one of the easiest moves I have made thanks to the relocation benefits my fiancé’s company provided. I have relocated four times with no assistance. Those moves were much more difficult.” For other relocating couples, Kirtan advises, “It takes a long time to build your new life. Time and a lot of perseverance. It’s not easy starting over.”

When asked what part of the world is his favorite, Kirtan believes it is wherever he is living in the moment. “I’ve loved everywhere I have lived. I’m very happy to be back in California. For me, my favorite part of the world is always where I happen to be living right then.”