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Why Combine Your 360° Assessment with Coaching?

Because you don’t want to “dump and run.” After you invest everyone’s time in completing 360° assessments, it makes no sense to stop with a report. It’s essential to take the next step – provide coaching to help the leader incorporate the feedback into a customized development plan. That’s the job of a leadership coach!

Leverage the Brain-based Science of Coaching


Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), neuro-scientists learn how the brain changes. These insights influenced the development of the ARIA learning model of Awareness, Reflection, Insight, and Action.

While 360° assessment feedback creates awareness, it’s up to the individual to change. Coaching is the catalyst. Coaches facilitate reflection, insight and development of an action plan. This proven ARIA model helps promote behavioral change.

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360° Assessment

The 360° feedback provides leaders with professional feedback from the people that work closely with them. Usually, this includes an employee’s manager, peers, direct reports, clients, vendors, and other business colleagues.

Insights from the Echospan 360° feedback assessment:

  • Competency Ratings
  • Highest Rated Behaviors
  • Lowest Rated Behaviors
  • Blind Spots
  • Hidden Strengths
  • Narrative Comments



Coaching Package

Coaching Sessions

Typical coaching session format:

1. 360° Results Debriefing – An expert coach reviews the results with the leader in a way to maximize the impact of the feedback and leverages positive emotional energy toward curiosity and growth.


2. Manager Dialogue Prep While we encourage organizations to keep the assessment results private (available only to the assessment taker and coach), we prepare leaders to meet with their manager, discuss the results and gain agreement on next steps.


3. Action Plan Session – After dialogue and input with their manager, the leaders now work with their coach on a plan outlining specific actions they’ll take to address the feedback and grow as a leader.

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