4 Reasons Why a Robot Shouldn’t Replace This Job

In our high-tech world, it’s easy to eliminate the human touch from almost everything – favoring artificial intelligence and automation in the quest for
efficiency and cost savings. This is happening in the career coaching space as well. When it comes to career planning, are you willing to take Cortana’s
advice? Here are 4 reasons why technology shouldn’t replace a career coach:

1. Emotional Support Isn’t Stellar from a Machine

A one-to-me coaching approach during a difficult job search provides a key lifeline as the person navigates the transition. Beyond job search support,
the coach provides emotional support to address the ups and downs of the process. Ask Siri for emotional support, and she will gladly proclaim,
“Here’s what I found on the web.” Not quite good enough.

“A career coach is 100% devoted to the job seeker,” says Jan Hunter, Director of Outplacement Services at IMPACT Group. “They have no one else’s interest
in mind, they don’t have an agenda. They are there to listen, work through the job search process, and provide advice on all the emotions the job
seeker experiences during the search.” Handing a job seeker a login without that dedicated person to guide the process just isn’t the same.

2. Personalized Programs Beat Automated Processes Every Time

Finding a new position is a complex process – and one that is unique to each individual. “When job seekers only access to a technology platform, they
miss out on a sounding board – someone who can truly listen and provide clarity on their options.” This is especially true for career changers
who are exploring how their skills fit in a new role or industry. “Technology provides information, but not the personalized guidance that comes
from a career coach,” Jan comments.

Automated processes take a cookie-cutter approach – treating each person as if they are conducting the same job search. IMPACT Group works with a wide
variety of professionals – from teachers to biostatisticians. Sally the Scientist and Dan the Dude Rancher won’t benefit from the exact same coaching.
They need a plan that is unique to them and research backs it up: job seekers are 2.67x more likely to find a new career with the help of a coach.

3. One-on-One Relationship Builds Confidence

Confidence is key during a job search. Even the most confident people go into their search less than confident on where to start or how to market their
experience. A coach addresses all the unique nuances that arise during the search, allowing the job seeker to gain the confidence to shine.

Job searches can be a lonely endeavor – but job seekers are not alone with a coach by their side. Time and again we hear customers say they appreciated their coach following up with
them after applying for roles or completing an interview. Jan shares, “This follow up shows the coach genuinely cares about the person’s progress.
A personal phone call is so much more genuine than an automated message from a website.”

4. Focused attention leads to time savings.

“A typical job seeker does not have the time or resources to find the latest job search and social media trends and determine how they apply to their
field,” Jan points out. “Our coaches undergo continuous learning to identify and master these trends, while also keeping a pulse on hot jobs and
growing professions.” Job seekers get focused attention right from the beginning when working with a coach, leading to less digging and reading
to find often conflicting information.

We’ve all fallen into the technology trap. How many times have you logged onto a social media account to check one thing…and 30 minutes later
you still haven’t accomplished your task? It’s easy to be pulled down the rabbit hole of posts, pictures, and articles. “A technology tool won’t
point out that you still haven’t brushed up on interviewing skills, but a coach does just that. They follow up on goals, hold the job seeker accountable,
and ensure the job search stays on track.”

At IMPACT Group, we know a personal, one-to-me coaching experience delivers the best results for each individual job seeker. Tech solutions alone can’t
hold a wireless mouse to this level of support. Provide the human touch that quickly guides individuals to their next meaningful career during
corporate relocation and downsizings. Learn more about our one-to-me coaching programs today.