Paris Forest – Own Your Leadership Journey


Paris Forest is the Senior Director, Information Technology at The Boeing Company

In this episode Lauren and Paris discuss:

  • Different types of leaders
  • Finding and owning leadership capabilities within yourself
  • Key learnings to rise up in ranks within complex businesses
  • Having role models that don’t look like you
  • Business acumen and closing gaps

Key takeaways:

  • You can generate the power to believe that even if there isn’t someone who looks like you in the workplace, you can be that person.
  • When presented with an opportunity to move forward in your career, take the risk and take advantage of the opportunity.
  • To advance in your leadership capabilities – embrace, use, and offer the power that is uniquely yours while being clear in your boundaries both professionally and personally.
  • Be vulnerable enough to ask for help from mentors and your support system, as well as ask feedback from people that you don’t have close relationships with.

You are your own enterprise, and you are the CEO of your desk.” – Paris Forest

It was really about giving myself permission to walk through the door. The invitation was always there, I was the person not accepting the invitation.” – Paris Forest

Taking a chance…being willing to take the risk to be right and the risk to be wrong.”  – Paris Forest

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